Urban Mobility

We offer services for policy makers on the urban level: feasibility studies, analysis of effects, model simulations etc. Our research is multi disciplinary: safety, parking and noise assessment as well as pricing issues, traffic management and air quality.

Recente projecten

WTI Tool

WTI Tool

Tool development to enhance the waiting time indication at traffic lights.


Vilvoorde traffic and parking guidance with ANPR and PGS technology

Towards a smart digital ANPR and parking guidance system to keep car pressure low and make the city centre accessible and liv...

Microsimulation Hasselt

Microsimulations Hasselt

Simulations of new intersection designs on the Kempische Steenweg (N74) and circulation measures on the Hasselt Ring road (R71).


Metro North



nuMIDAS is a Horizon 2020 research project, led by TML, that will build a toolkit to help decision makers in cities tackle ne...

viaduct Vilvoorde

Road works impact management Viaduct Vilvoorde and Henneaulaan Zaventem

TML supported a consortium led by BAM Contractors in preparing their bids for the reconstruction of the Henneaulaan complex (...

bus stop Leuven

Mobility Plan for the Leuven transport region

Design of a detailed public transport plan and an integrated mobility plan for the Leuven transport zone.


Demonstration project Merelbeke

wecount window graphic


Citizens Observing UrbaN Transport.


MER connection N10 en R11 Krijgsbaan

Mobility analysis for the design of a MER for the connection N10 and R11 Krijgsbaan.

masterplan design

Masterplan Slaughterhouse Site Antwerp

TML advises city developer AG Vespa in the development of a new mobility concept for Antwerp's slaughterhouse site, with spec...

Microsimulation R23

Microscopic traffic simulation Leuven Ringroad

Traffic analysis (microscopic simulation) of the Leuven Ringroad (R23)


Urban renewal project Scheldt quays

Innovative vision of the Scheldt quays as a connection between city and water, and as a junction of urban multimodal movements.

cyclists pedestrians

Flemish Bouwmeester Scan

Broadening analysis with suggestions for a transition to a quality living environment, based on a more sustainable use of the...

urban transport


Development of a toolkit for the modeling of emerging transport solutions.


Parking strategy Schelde docks

Blueprint of a strategic parking vision for the northern part of the Antwerp Scheldedocks.

Budasteenweg - picture by Wormke Grutman

Optimisation study of the BUDA-company zone

TML is responsible for the mobility part of the optimization study for the BUDA-company zone in Vilvoorde.

bridge Antwerp Spoor Noord

Mobility Advice Lantis

TML is one of the mobility advisors for Lantis.

Gent post-circulationplan; copyright Jeroen Willems

Assessment of Gent’s traffic circulation plan

Extensive analysis of the effects of the traffic circulation plan for the inner city of Gent.

Wetstraat Brussels (source: Pixabay)

Implementation LEZ Brussels

Advise on supporting measures to accompany the implementation of the low emission zone in Brussels.

underground parking lot

Garage Swap

Replacing parking spaces by sustainable mobility solutions


Mobility analysis Post X

Second opinion of the mobility analysis for the development of Post X in Berchem

masterplan Zele

Masterplan Zele

Master plan development of Zele town centre.

Oudenaarde Santenssite ©Blauwdruk Stedenbouw

Oudenaarde Santenssite

Urban master plan for the former Santenssite in Oudenaarde

spatial strategic plan Vilvoorde

Spatial Strategic Plan Vilvoorde

Outline for the future spatial development of the city of Vilvoorde



Demonstration of innovative sustainable mobility measures in European cities.

transaid consortiumteam


In the TransAID project we investigated how traffic management can take automated vehicles into account in order to improve t...

villo sharingbikes Brussels

Benchmark Study (Electric) Shared Bicycle Systems

Can electrification of the Brussels shared bicycle systems increase their use?

Express Tramline Hasselt-Maastricht

Express Tramline Hasselt-Maastricht

Impact of the express tramline 1 Hasselt-Maastricht

aerial photo Antwerp Expo

PlanMER-screening Antwerp Expo

Mobility analysis to support the PlanMER-screening of Antwerp Expo

ClairCity poster


Citizen-led air pollution reduction in cities.


Antwerp Expo - Strategic vision for parking

Antwerp Expo: Strategic vision for parking

railway area Lokeren (@Palmbout)

Urban Renewal Lokeren Railway Station Area

Update of the master plan of the railway station area and Park ter Beuken



Coordination of research and innovation in the framework of CIVITAS 2020.

Sint-Niklaas, Hendrik Heymanplein

City Renovation in Sint-Niklaas

Concept support for the redesign of the Hendrik Heyman Square

Masterplan Izegem (Palmbout Urban Landscapes)

Master Plan Izegem

Elaboration of an integrated master plan for the city of Izegem

Bodart Square Leuven

Bodart Square Leuven

Integrated design of the intersection Koning Boudewijnlaan - Leuven Ringway


Parking study Grote Markt Blankenberge

Parking balance and parking duration study for a new public parking infrastructure


ShopMob Data Analyses

Mobility and rush hour avoidance while shopping: analysing data sets

Time tables train


HoPE ('Holistic Personal public Eco-Mobility')

MER-plan A102 R11

Plan-MER A102/R11bis

Elaboration of the mobility aspect within the plan-EIR for the Antwerp tangents A102/R11bis

map of 'the loop', Gent

Parking Management The Loop

Integrated sustainable parking management on the site The Loop

map of Antwerp

Parking Study for the City of Antwerp

Revision of the current parking policy plan

exhaust pipe car

Low Emission Zones in Antwerp: Feasibility Study

Feasibility study for the introduction of low emission zones in the city of Antwerp.

Bike Train Bike


Seamless energy efficient door-to-door transport through Bike-Train-Bike combination.

underground passenger with smartphone


Electric vehicles sharing services based on a B2B service platform


Commuting by Motorcycle

Impact analysis of an increased share of motorcycles in commuting traffic

bicycle in the city


Models for Optimizing Dynamic Urban Mobility

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