Demonstration project Merelbeke

Merelbeke is situated in the peripheral area of Ghent and has recently grown considerably in terms of population.  Furthermore, its mobility issues are increasing.  The present societal context demands an environmental development of cities and municipalities which is no longer determined by car traffic alone. By taking an alternative, shared mobility system as the driving factor for the spatial development of cities and municipalities, urbanization can be transformed into a more futureproof and sustainable alternative.
The demonstration project in Merelbeke/Ghent wants to set an example as to how this goal can be reached, taking into account the location-specific context of existing and new crucial locations.
Within this project, Merelbeke will act as a demonstration municipality for alternative spatial structures and mobility systems (a.o. shared mobility).  The concept of ‘micro centrality’ is central in this respect.  This involves that facilities are being spread over multiple smaller cores which focus on shorter displacements with soft modes of transport.
Within this project, TML will conduct a mobility analysis.  On the one hand a quantitative analysis, based on, amongst others, existing numbers and data, an origin-/destination study on the territory of Merelbeke which was effectuated in 2019, and spatial developments. On the other hand we will perform a qualitative analysis by means of a perception research amongst different stakeholders.
Based on this analysis, TML and its project partners will develop a vision in which two tracks are being integrated, mobility and urbanization.  Furthermore, we will also determine the prerequisites and measures. 
Finally, a few specific cases will be selected in which the mobility and urbanisation issues are intertwined.  The goal here is to translate the vision into a design study, thereby focusing on both micro as well as mesoscale.


Province of East Flanders


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