Urban Renewal Lokeren Railway Station Area

From 2015 to 2017
The city of Lokeren wants an improved development of the station area. This raises some important challenges, e.g. the connection between the front and back side of the train station, the accessibility of the station coming from the N70, with respect for the nearby park area and accounting for the existing parking problems. A master plan for the station area was already developed in 2011 together with Infrabel and EIS, which both have land holdings in this project area. This study will update and expand this master plan.

TML supported Palmbout Urban Landscapes with the elaboration of the traffic engineering aspects. This will be fully integrated with the design process and pay great attention to a multimodal traffic organization, so that the station area can become more than just a transfer point. Our task was twofold. First, the parking concept was developed as part of the overall parking strategy of Lokeren. The questions here were (1) where to park and (2) how can we organise a smart split between commuters and people who park their car in the area. We also investigated the development of a commuter car park. Second, the plan aimed to optimise the balance between urban space and traffic. We focused on an alternative access road that maintains the green in the station area as much as possible.


From 2015 to 2017


Team Vlaams Bouwmeester


Palmbout Urban Landscapes

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Dirk Engels, Gitte Van Den Bergh
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