From 2012 to 2014
The Olympus test-bed was a meeting place for different stakeholders active within the field of sustainable mobility. Information and knowledge in relation to mobility behaviour, green technology, and smart power grids was exchanged in order to promote and improve technologies and develop innovative business models.

Under the initiative of the Flemish government, the different partners within this project invested in electric cars, electric bikes, and electric scooters, as well as a network of charging infrastructures in four cities: Gent, Hasselt, Leuven, and Antwerp. In addition, several train stations in Belgium were equipped with charging infrastructures for electric vehicles.

TML monitored and analysed the use of different modes in the frame of two test phases. We have considered the choice for several available transport modes within the concept of networked mobility. This model allows the analysis of mobility behaviour of different user groups. This was an important step towards the optimization of various aspects linked to the supply side of the mobility system. The analysis was limited to the main testing moments and showed that, overall, test subjects were not opposed to the use of electric vehicles or shared electric bikes, but that major technical problems can significantly reduce the impact of such systems.

Project website: http://www.olympus-mobility.com/nl/home-1.htm


From 2012 to 2014


Flemish Government, Ministry of Innovation/IWT


NMBS-Holding; Infrabel; the Cities of Antwerpen, Gent, Hasselt, and Leuven; Cambio; Blue-mobility; Green City Tours; Recticel; Syntigo; VIM; Ugent; IBBT; KU Leuven; VUB; KHLim

Our team

Griet De Ceuster, Lars Akkermans, Kristof Carlier, Kris Vanherle
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