Benchmark Study (Electric) Shared Bicycle Systems

From 2016 to 2018
The Brussels Capital Region asked TML and Mobiped how the use of the Villo bicycle sharing system could  be increased. In spite of the high number of subscriptions, the use of the Villo bicycles remains low compared to other countries and cities. In this study, we established a benchmark with a number of foreign cities and conducted a user analysis as well as a survey with non-users. Finally, we calculated the cost efficiency of all the options considered.
This study was first conducted in 2016; in March 2018 the study was updated with, amongst others, a number of new alternative options that were included in the benchmark.

More information:
In a first phase, we consulted various experts and established a benchmark of similar systems to find ways to increase the Villo use in Brussels, like e.g. putting an electric propulsion system on the bicycles.
In a second phase, we analysed the cost effectiveness of the different possibilities.
TML set up a methodology to quantify and demonstrate the various options to promote bikesharing in the Brussels Capital Region.  We conducted an impact analysis in order to analyse the effects of a possible extension of the bikesharingsystem with electrical bikes. In this analysis we also included other alternatives to the bikesharingsystem, such as a long-term rental system of (electrical) bikes.  This impact analysis was built on our expertise in similar bike(infrastructure)projects.
The study resulted in a non-public report.


From 2016 to 2018


City of Brussels



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Bruno Van Zeebroeck, Thomas Blondiau
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