From 2019 to 2022
Disruptive technologies, such as MaaS and CAVs, are bringing radical changes in urban mobility. The goal of MOMENTUM is to develop a set of new data analysis methods, transport models and planning support tools able to capture the impact of new transport options on urban mobility, in order to support cities in the task of designing the right policy mix to exploit the full potential of emerging mobility solutions. The tools developed will be tested in a set of case studies with heterogeneous characteristics in terms of size, morphology, environmental, socioeconomic and cultural factors, mobility issues and policy goals: Madrid, Leuven, Regensburg, and Thessaloniki.
TML is involved in the development of the modeling toolkit, the implementation of a traffic model for the city of Leuven, and will translate the findings of this project into a set of guidelines and recommendations.


From 2019 to 2022


European Commission, H 2020


Empresa municipal de transportes de madrid sa; Nommon solutions and technologies sl; Dimos Thessalonikis; Ethniko kentro erevnas kai technologikis anaptyxis; Stad Leuven; Stadt Regensburg; Technische universitaet Muenchen; Universidad de la iglesia de deusto entidad religiosa; Aimsun sl; Polis; Union internationale des transports publics

Our team

Ruben Corthout, Rodric Frederix, Willem Himpe, Péter I. Pápics, Gitte Van Den Bergh, Joren Vanherck, Kris Vanherle
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