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The European Commission has released the urban mobility indicators (SUMI) benchmarking tool for cities to monitor and evaluate the implementation of their sustainable urban mobility plans, and assess the performance of their own policies.TML took the lead in the creation of this benchmarking tool.

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[Follow-up Study] Six months after Mobiscore had been launched, TML conducted a thorough analysis of the results in cooperation with the Environment, Nature and Energy Department. Based on the results of this study, we will make proposals to improve the Mobiscore in such way that the tool is better aligned to its policy purposes.

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Since the outbreak of Covid-19, our Telraam device has been used as a key reference to monitor local traffic, showing a clear trend of decreasing car traffic and increasing recreational traffic cycling. Our researchers have been providing data bars and additional information to both regional and national news channels. With citizens in five cities across Europe soon to start monitoring traffic data as part of WeCount, citizen science projects like this will play a key role in mapping changes in traffic and travel habits in the coming months.


Impact studies SmartMove

The Brussels Government reached an agreement on 3 December on a smart road pricing scheme. This was substantiated by TML in collaboration with the Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles. Our impact study (NL and FR) lists the effects on mobility and external costs of transport, budgetary effects and socio-economic effects.


Holiday mobility for disadvantaged people

Research into feasible mobility solutions for Flanders.


Microsimulation Ninovesteenweg Aalst

Designing vehicle-dependent light control and microsimulation of the N405 Ninovesteenweg x Nachtegaalstraat x Industrielaan in Aalst.

Transport models for air quality

Transport models for air quality

New air quality models require a new type of input with a higher degree of spatial detail. The bottleneck seems to lie in the estimation of transport volumes on a finely meshed map and the quality of the map with respect to the geo-location of the roads.


Redesigning the A12 as a primary road

As part of Team A12, TML is studying the redesign of the A12 to improve safety and traffic flow for all road users.

Investments in the EU energy sector

Energy costs, taxes and the impact of government interventions on investments

Energy costs, taxes and the impact of government interventions on investments

non-combustion particulate matter emissions

Review of recent studies and policies addressing non-combustion particulate matter emissions from break, tyre and road wear

Emissions of non-combustion pollutants from vehicles have increased over the past two decades. This includes emissions from break wear, tyre wear and road wear.

Planning study De Bieshoek

Planning study "De Bieshoek"

TML was responsible for the analysis of the mobility aspects and conducted a quick scan Social Cost-Benefit Analysis for this project.


TML Thesis Prize 2020


TML Talks #6


Transport & Mobility Leuven wins Business Mobility Awards

On Monday 23 November 2020, Flemish Minister of Mobility Lydia Peeters announced that Transport & Mobility Leuven has won the Business Mobility Award in the category of small and medium-sized enterprises.


Transport & Mobility Leuven signs Baanbrekende Werkgever charter


Telraam is awarded API of the year

Best wishes for 2021 from the whole TML team!

Best wishes for 2021 from the whole TML team!



Webinar: Station environments, cargo and passenger transport in a comparative perspective (in dutch)

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