From 2014 to 2017
The BiTiBi (Bike-Train-Bike) project aimed to improve the energy efficiency of EU transport by providing BiTiBi services: seamless door-to-door transport service combining bicycle and train. The bicycle is by far the most energy efficient mode of transport for short distances, while the train is the most energy efficient transport mode for longer distances. A combination of both by using the bicycle for the first and/or the last mile is by definition energy efficient.
The project replicated the proven successful Dutch BiTiBi approach to attract new bicycle-train combination users. This approach consists of 5 building blocks:
  • Safe, sheltered, and convenient bicycle parking
  • Availability of a convenient public bicycle
  • One integrated convenient payment system
  • Integrated organisation deploying BiTiBi
  • Positive communication and marketing
Where possible, we paid attention to the cycling conditions in the wider railway environment.
The project replicated the Dutch BiTiBi success story in the United Kingdom (Liverpool area), Belgium (Ghent and Liège), Spain (Barcelona area) and Italy (Milan area); while involving different kinds of stakeholders, railway operators, cities, organisations of (potential) users, big employers around the railway station,…..  
The project also provided guidelines for implementation in other countries and areas of the BiTiBi concept.
The project was funded within the IEE-STEER framework. TML was the project leader.


From 2014 to 2017


the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Union


AIM (ES), Blue-Mobility (BE), Copenhagenize (DK), FGC (ES), Ferrovienord (IT), Inno-V (NL), Merseyrail (UK), NS Stations (NL), Poliedra (IT)

Our team

Veerle Vranckx, Lars Akkermans, Ruben Corthout, Bruno Van Zeebroeck
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