Parking Study for the City of Antwerp

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From 2012 to 2014
TML, in cooperation with SADL, made a detailed and up-to-date inventory of currently available car parking spaces in the inner city of Antwerp for the ‘Gemeentelijk Autonoom Parkeerbedrijf Antwerpen’. It contains the available public parking spaces, and a reliable survey of private parking spaces (from garages and driveways to private car parks). To this end, various research methods were combined - site visits, surveys, and assessments comparing the needs of urban activities and the observations.

Finally, we provided an integrated parking model for the centre of Antwerp in which the socio-economic data of the activities was used to simulate parking needs and use of the various parking facilities in the different quarters of the city centre. This model gives an overview of the collected parking data in a coherent manner and allows to estimate the evolution of parking needs and parking pressure in different parts of the city and about the different types of parking.

Additionally TML supported Antwerp in developing their building code, the urban regulation describing how many parking places have to be provided with various types of construction projects. In order to draft the regulation for retribution fees related to parking spaces which cannot be built, a comprehensive analysis was made of the possibilities in this respect with an assessment of similar initiatives in Flemish and Dutch cities. On that basis the available options were detailed and clarified to support the formulation of regulations.


From 2012 to 2014


Gemeentelijk Autonoom Parkeerbedrijf Antwerpen


KU Leuven Spatial Applications Divisions Lab (SADL), SumResearch

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Dirk Engels, Sven Maerivoet, Gitte Van Den Bergh
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