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From 2016 to 2017
Short description:
In January 2018, the Brussels-Capital Region implemented a low emission zone to improve the city’s air quality.  In preparation of its implementation, TML and its project partner Traject conducted a study on possible accompanying measures.  These measures are meant to support the desired behavioural change and to mitigate potential effects related to mobility poverty.   In the meantime, a number of the proposed measures have been implemented.  The study included a thorough benchmarkstudy of LEZ-practices in other capital cities, a stakeholder analysis with various persons concerned, and an identification of the socio-economic and mobility profiles of the concerned target groups, private citizens and companies.  Finally, the resulting list of measures was classified by feasibility and desirability by means of a cost benefit analysis.

TML’s expertise:
Within this project, TML mainly took care of the quantitative part.  In addition to external data sources, we were also able to rely on our own data sources.  For example, the model MOVEET, which was developed by TML, was used in this study to get a good indication of the number of vehicles per age category. TML was also responsible for the cost-benefit analysis of the measures.

This study resulted in a non-public advisory report which gives a thorough motivation of the proposed measures.  
In consequence of the report, the Brussels-Capital Region has decided to implement the following measures:
  • Accommodate for extra exemptions, for example for market traders vehicles
  • Provide 4 P+R parkings
  • Subsidies, such as a reform of the “Bruxell’AIR” modal shift-subsidy to a more flexible mobility package and a new subsidy destined to support small companies to exchange their vehicles
  • Initiate a study to establish a ‘Mobility Point’
  • Initiate a transfer period to October 2018: only warnings
More information:
The report is confidential.  For more information on the research itself we refer you to the Powerpoint in attachment. All information related to the implementation of the low emission zone  is published on the following website:



From 2016 to 2017


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