Sustainable Mobility Policy

The analysis of the developments in passenger mobility is one of our main research areas. The main is issue is not only the monitoring of the current mobility, but even more the explanation of the transport behaviour and the forecast of future transport volumes. Transport & Mobility Leuven can answer these questions for you - governments or businesses. We make a clear overview of the different solutions.

We do this by monitoring, analysing an forecasting mobility developments, with techniques as scenario development, forecasting and backcasting. We also analyse transport systems and develop and evaluate strategies for transport policy.

Recente projecten


Mobility advice Oeverpark Lokeren

TML provided additional advice in connection with the Mobility Impact Assessment Report for the Oeverpark in Lokeren.

Residential development area Wijgmaal

Residential development area Wijgmaal

Supporting mobility study for the preparation of the development plan for the residential development area Wakkerzeelsebaan -...


Mobiscore Update

Update of the Mobiscore based on the recommendations made during the study "Analysis results Mobiscore".



nuMIDAS is a Horizon 2020 research project, led by TML, that will build a toolkit to help decision makers in cities tackle ne...

congestion highway

Study to objectify mobility policy

This study diagnoses the congestion problems in Flanders and Brussels, and formulates recommendations for concrete solutions ...


SCBA sustainability rail traffic

SCBA to make rail transport more sustainable by further electrification of the Belgian railway network or replacement of dies...


Demonstration project Merelbeke

urban mobility

Evaluation support study for the Urban Mobility Package

Support Study for the evaluation of the urban mobility package and the European Mobility Week.

CO2 evolution

Impact analysis: shift from public means to public transport and active transport

What is the potential of a shift from public means to active & public transport?

bicycle-sharing system

TERM 2019: The first and last mile

Annual TERM report on current developments in the transport and environment area


MER connection N10 en R11 Krijgsbaan

Mobility analysis for the design of a MER for the connection N10 and R11 Krijgsbaan.

parking sign car sharing

Innovative Economic Models

Study on Innovative Economic Models and their contribution to a sustainable mobility.

cyclists pedestrians

Flemish Bouwmeester Scan

Broadening analysis with suggestions for a transition to a quality living environment, based on a more sustainable use of the...


Objective needs analyses-tool bicycle infrastructure

(Re)development of the OBA-tool to prioritise investments to bicycle infrastructure.

rural road


How can we exploit the potential of sustainable and innovative mobility solutions in rural areas?

Gent post-circulationplan; copyright Jeroen Willems

Assessment of Gent’s traffic circulation plan

Extensive analysis of the effects of the traffic circulation plan for the inner city of Gent.

low emission zone Antwerp

Feasability study extension of the low emission zone Antwerp

Feasibility study on the extension of the low emission zone in Antwerp.

light bulb

Innovations/solutions for the transition to a more sustainable mobility system

Research for the Environmental Outlook 2018 of the MIRA Department.

green taxi symbol

Electric Taxis

Research on Clean Power for Taxis.


Green Freight and Logistics Indonesia

Evaluation of the 'Stocktaking Report on Sustainable Transport and Climate Change' and the 'White Paper on Green Freight and ...

bus stop


Tool for the calculation of an 'accessibility score'

Wetstraat Brussels (source: Pixabay)

Implementation LEZ Brussels

Advise on supporting measures to accompany the implementation of the low emission zone in Brussels.

underground parking lot

Garage Swap

Replacing parking spaces by sustainable mobility solutions



Demonstration of innovative sustainable mobility measures in European cities.


Mobility KU Leuven

Evaluation of mobility and mobility measures KU Leuven


Electrification Status of Passenger Cars

Assessing the status of electrification of passenger cars and potential future implications for the environment and the Europ...

villo sharingbikes Brussels

Benchmark Study (Electric) Shared Bicycle Systems

Can electrification of the Brussels shared bicycle systems increase their use?

ClairCity poster


Citizen-led air pollution reduction in cities.


Transport Success Stories

Transport success stories on environment


ShopMob Data Analyses

Mobility and rush hour avoidance while shopping: analysing data sets


Second Opinion Brussels Ring

Comparison of the congestion and health effects of an enlargement of the ring versus road pricing

car fueling

Environmental Objectives for Brussels Vehicle Fleets

Determination of environmental objectives for fleet owners based on the analysis of some Brussels vehicle fleets and the best...

Bike Train Bike


Seamless energy efficient door-to-door transport through Bike-Train-Bike combination.

map IPTS electricity model

An Integrated Electricity Market Model

Development of an integrated electricity market model for Western Europe

underground passenger with smartphone


Electric vehicles sharing services based on a B2B service platform


Low-Emission Zones

Introduction of low-emission zones in Flanders


The Implementation of Kilometre Charging and a Vignette in Belgium

Kilometre charging for trucks and an electronic road vignette for light vehicles in the Flemish, Brussels, and Walloon Region

highways Brussels

Environmental Capacity Urban Roads in Brussels

Development of a practical guide and an evaluation instrument for the environmental capacity of the urban roads in the metrop...

bicycle in the city


Models for Optimizing Dynamic Urban Mobility


Supporting Smarter Mobility

Intelligent road pricing proves useful in directing change and mobility behaviour


Energy Use and Emission Reductions in Brussels

TML built a transparent transport simulation model for the BIM-IBGE

passenger waiting for a tram


Assessment of the contribution of the TEN and other transport policy measures to the mid-term implementation of the White Pap...

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