From 2014 to 2016
The CHUMS (Changing Habits for Urban Mobility Solutions) project addressed the energy challenge of low car occupancy and ~50% of journeys in cities that cannot be accommodated by conventional public transport modes. The aim of the project was to apply a composite CHUMS behavioural change strategy, developed by the consortium. It also transferred the proven methods to the rest of Europe, through validating the method in 5 ‘champion’ cites that represent the scale of carpooling and the diversity of mobility mind-sets across Europe: Craiova (RO), Edinburgh (UK), Leuven (BE), Toulouse (FR) and Perugia (IT).

The CHUMS behaviour change strategy included a carpooling week, conducting personalised travel plans which include carpooling options and providing a mobility jackpot lottery to attract people to carpool. These have all been shown to produce significant behavioural changes in a wide range of places where they have been delivered: increasing car occupancy, reducing car numbers, and significantly reducing energy use.

The strategic aim of CHUMS was simple: to ‘attract car-poolers, match them and retain them’, to keep the numbers rising, and to develop and transfer this proven practice to generate a core sustainable market for carpooling across Europe, so that it becomes a habitual way to travel and a recognised mobility mode for transport planning.

Within CHUMS, TML was responsible for two elements: the direct analysis of behavioural change and the analysis of environmental and economic impact of the improved uptake of carpooling in the five champion cities. To do so, we assisted target cities in monitoring mobility behaviour but also by providing correct methodological assistance. We also developed a simplified behavioural model based on user acceptance in order to provide guidelines for policy makers, the end-users in the champion cities and other interested stakeholders.


From 2014 to 2016


European Commission, IEE2


EIP (RO), Vectos (UK), Lift-Share (UK), UNIABDN (UK), IPA (RO), Taxistop (BE), SESTran (UK), Municipality of Perugia (IT) and Tisseo (FR)

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