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Transport & Mobility Leuven is well-known for its scientifically sound analyses, for which we strongly rely on quantitative research: modelling, statistical analyses, simulations, and prognoses. Our experts are experienced users of a number of state-of-the-art-models, such as economic models, traffic simulation models, and environmental models.  Some of these models have been developed in-house.

Macroscopic Traffic Models

Macroscopic traffic models are used to calculate traffic flows for a country, region, or city. Contrary to microscopic traffi...

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Microscopic Traffic Models

Microsimulation models are traffic models that simulate the behaviour of every individual vehicle. These models are often use...

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EMMOSS, or 'Emission Model for Shipping and Rail' is a tool developed by TML to calculate emissions from rail, inland...



TREMOVE is a policy assessment model to study the effects of different transport and environment policies on the emissions of...

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MOVEET, or 'MObility, Vehicle fleet, Energy use and Emissions forecast Tool' is a system dynamic based analytical too...



TRANS-TOOLS ('TOOLS for TRansport Forecasting ANd Scenario testing') is a European transport network model covering b...


World Container Model

In order to analyse possible shifts in future container transport demand and the impacts of relevant transport policies, the ...

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The University of Mons (FUCAM) has developed NODUS, a GIS-system to model freight flows in Europe. NODUS is used, among other...

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Cost-benefit analyses

Transport projects always come about by weighing all kinds of advantages and disadvantages against each other. These analyses...

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Environmental Impact Reports

Transport & Mobility Leuven is officially recognised to compose mobility-related environmental impact reports.

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EDIP is a (Computable General Equilibrium) CGE model of 31 European countries. The primary aim of the model is to assess tran...

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ISEEM stands for ‘Integrated, Spatio-Economic and Ecological Model. ISEEM was developed by Transport & Mobility Leu...

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Affordable and yet intricate traffic counts of traffic volumes are essential for transport-related studies.  Within the ...

Fleet Model

Fleet Model

We developed a System Dynamics-based analytical tool that is capable of estimating future vehicle fleet composition by age, t...

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