Transport Emissions

Since our start in 2002, we did quite some projects on emissions and air quality effects of traffic and transport. We developed the TREMOVE transport- and emissions model for DG Environment, and cooperated with the development of the most recent emission standards.

We also perform studies for the Flemish regional government, often in cooperation with TNO. TML estimates the effects of transport policy and forecasts the evolution of new vehicle technologies. Our colleagues of TNO are specialised in air quality model, among others with the CAR model that we developed.

On air quality and emissions, we performed research for several other organisations through Europe, as the European Environmental Agency (EEA) and the French government.

Recente projecten


Renewable Fuels for Aviation

Coordination of renewable fuel stakeholders' strategy in the field of aviation.

low emission zone Antwerp

Low Emission Zone Antwerp - evaluation

Feasibility study on the extension of the low emission zone in Antwerp.

Reyersplein Brussel

Projection Model for Brussels Road Traffic

Update of the projection model for energy consumption and air pollution of road traffic in the Brussels-Capital Region.

commuter with folding bike

Evaluation of Federal Climate Measures

Evaluation of federal policy and measures related to emission reductions.

green highways

Potential of transport infrastructure in curbing CO2-emissions

Exploratory assessment of the potential of road transport infrastructure policy measures to reduce transport CO2 emissions.

exhaust pipe car

Low Emission Zones in Antwerp: Feasibility Study

Feasibility study for the introduction of low emission zones in the city of Antwerp.

car exhaust

Walloon regional plan for the reduction of air pollution

Blueprint of a Walloon regional plan abating air pollution by 2030.


Cost calculation of the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by the transport sector

Quantitative analysis to support the assessment of measures for the reduction of climate change.

airplane engines

Emission Model Aviation EMMOL

Update and improvement of the Flemish emission inventory for air traffic

second-hand cars

Understanding the Second-Hand Car Market in the EU

Analysis of the pricing mechanisms and the trade patterns of second-hand cars and light commercial vehicles

An Integrated Approach Reducing Car CO2 Emissions

Non-vehicle technology related measures to reduce CO2 emissions

GHG Emission Reduction in European Maritime Transport

GHG emission reduction potential of EU-related maritime transport and its impacts


Regional Fleet Composition

Development of an approach for harmonized fleet composition statistics for the Belgian regions for use in emission modelling;...

truck on a highway

Heavy Goods Vehicles and CO2

Technical possibilities and costs of reducing CO2 emissions of trucks

freighttrain waterways

EMMOSS model

Flemish emission model for inland shipping, maritime transport and rail

exhaust pipe car

Low-Emission Zones in Brussels

Introduction of low-emission zones in Brussels: impact on environment, mobility and socio-economic effects

car exhaust


Transport related air pollution and its impact on health

electric car

EPOC 2030-2050

Research and development of energy transition models, whereby TML will focus on the relation between energy and transport.

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