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highway Belgium

Report on opportunities of smart/sustainable mobility in Belgium

Opportunities smart mobility at the Belgian market

masterplan design

Masterplan Slaughterhouse Site Antwerp

TML advises city developer AG Vespa in the development of a new mobility concept for Antwerp's slaughterhouse site, with spec...


Parking strategy Schelde docks

Blueprint of a strategic parking vision for the northern part of the Antwerp Scheldedocks.

underground parking lot

Garage Swap

Replacing parking spaces by sustainable mobility solutions

masterplan Zele

Masterplan Zele

Master plan development of Zele town centre.

spatial strategic plan Vilvoorde

Spatial Strategic Plan Vilvoorde

Outline for the future spatial development of the city of Vilvoorde

Mobility KU Leuven

Evaluation of mobility and mobility measures KU Leuven

aerial photo Antwerp Expo

PlanMER-screening Antwerp Expo

Mobility analysis to support the PlanMER-screening of Antwerp Expo

Antwerp Expo - Strategic vision for parking

Antwerp Expo: Strategic vision for parking

railway area Lokeren (@Palmbout)

Urban Renewal Lokeren Railway Station Area

Update of the master plan of the railway station area and Park ter Beuken

Sint-Niklaas, Hendrik Heymanplein

City Renovation in Sint-Niklaas

Concept support for the redesign of the Hendrik Heyman Square

Masterplan Izegem (Palmbout Urban Landscapes)

Master Plan Izegem

Elaboration of an integrated master plan for the city of Izegem

Supporting ITS Action Plan Flanders

Supporting the Flemish Government in the creation of her ITS Action Plan


Parking study Grote Markt Blankenberge

Parking balance and parking duration study for a new public parking infrastructure

Guidelines EIA Mobility

New guidelines for the mobility discipline under the various EIA procedures

ShopMob Data Analyses

Mobility and rush hour avoidance while shopping: analysing data sets

Time tables train


HoPE ('Holistic Personal public Eco-Mobility')

Impact EU ITS Directive

The impact of investments in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Belgium

map of 'the loop', Gent

Parking Management The Loop

Integrated sustainable parking management on the site The Loop

map of Antwerp

Parking Study for the City of Antwerp

Revision of the current parking policy plan

Overview ITS Market Belgium 2010

Opportunities and obstacles for Dutch companies

Roundabout Carrefour Herstal

Mobility and Accessibility Study Carrefour Car Park Herstal

Study of traffic circulation in the vicinity of the Carrefour car park in Herstal


Estimation of Used Parking Spaces in Leuven

Statistical analysis of payment transactions


Traffic Circulation Parking Carrefour in Korbeek-Lo

Study about the traffic circulation on and around the parking site



Demonstration project for in-car parking navigation



Optimising price and location of parking in cities under a sustainability constraint



Driverless transport systems in London and Rome

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