Our Expertise

Transport & Mobility Leuven conducts applied research to support policy decisions. It is our mission to help society by offering scientifically sound analyses. To this end, we rely on quantitative research: modelling, statistical analyses, simulations, and prognoses.
Our research fields are traffic, passenger and freight transport and the related economic impact and environmental problems. The integration between passenger and freight transport, economics and environment gives us a unique position within Europe.

Traffic Management

The analysis of traffic streams gives a lot of information on the fundamentals of congestion, and an in-depth view in the mec...

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Urban Mobility

We offer services for policy makers on the urban level: feasibility studies, analysis of effects, model simulations etc. Our ...


Sustainable Mobility Policy

The analysis of the developments in passenger mobility is one of our main research areas. The main is issue is not only the ...

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Traffic Safety

Transport & Mobility Leuven did several studies on traffic safety.


Transport Emissions

Since our start in 2002, we did quite some projects on emissions and air quality effects of traffic and transport. We develop...

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Economics and Pricing

The use of economic policy instruments to influence traffic and transport behaviour is gaining in importance. Our work focus...

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Data Enrichment Group

Our Data Enrichment Group was founded in order to discover patterns which can identify and/or support business opportunities....



Transport & Mobility Leuven did several studies on rail transport. This includes various strategies of increasing the eff...




Maritime & Inland shipping

Transport & Mobility Leuven did several studies on inland and maritime shipping: emissions, economic assessments, modal s...



Transport & Mobility Leuven did several studies on trucks, heavy duty vehicles, light duty vehicles, etc.. This includes ...

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Smart Mobility

During the past few years, Transport & Mobility Leuven has played a prominent role in several projects related to intelli...




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