From 2018 to 2020


Within SMARTA we investigated how to better use the existing mobility policies and available smart mobility solutions in European rural areas. To this end, SMARTA first examined the existing framework for rural mobility in each of the EU countries. The project also studied and evaluated 14 pilot projects. On this basis, the consortium formulated a number of policy recommendations for the European Commission, as well as recommendations to set up pilot projects.
Rural areas have become highly dependent on the car. This has an impact on the liveability of these areas and the quality of life of its inhabitants. Together with its consortium partners, TML investigated how we can enhance rural mobility with various forms of smart and shared mobility.

The research resulted in:
  • 35 ‘Insight Papers’ (for all EU countries and some non-EU countries) on the regulatory framework (planning and organisation, management, and coordination) in which these countries organise their rural mobility.
  • 32 good practice sheets, including innovative forms of transport based on ride sharing for residents of rural areas, vulnerable social groups, visitors, and tourists.
  • 12 descriptions and evaluations of pilot projects.
  • Policy recommendations for sustainable shared mobility and public transport in European rural areas.

The consortium partners collected the vital information on the organisational frameworks in the different countries through desk research and targeted contacts with their networks. The information on the pilot projects was collected in the same way.

TML prepared a number of documents that provide more insight into the existing regulatory framework for rural transport in a number of countries. Additionally, we also documented a number of good practices in handy sheets. TML finally developed the evaluation plan for this project and was responsible for the selection and evaluation of the pilot projects.

The consortium made a number of recommendations to the European Commission. The most important recommendation is to oblige Member States to develop a specific framework - including financing - to organise rural mobility.

SMARTA explained in a nutshell.


From 2018 to 2020


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Dirk Engels, Wouter Florizoone, Christophe Heyndrickx, Bruno Van Zeebroeck
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