Microsimulations Hasselt

From 2020 to 2021
TML explored the functioning of new intersection designs on the Kempische Steenweg (N74) on both sides of the bridge over the Albert Canal using a microsimulation model. We also took a number of circulation measures on the Ring around Hasselt (R71) and the additional traffic generation of new spatial developments into account. In the simulation of the preferred scenario, we obtained a general improvement of the traffic flow compared to the current situation.
In connection with the raising of the bridges over the Albert Canal, the city of Hasselt in agreement with the Flemish Waterway and the Agency for Roads and Traffic (AWV)  wanted to look for supported intersection solutions on the Kempische Steenweg (N74) along both sides of the bridge over the Albert Canal, more specifically with the intersections with Genkersteenweg (N75) and the Hasselt Ring (R71).
Based on a simulation model in the Vissim software, consisting of the northern part of the Ring around Hasselt and the Kempische Steenweg, TML modelled and evaluated the proposed intersection solutions and circulation measures. We then compared the simulation of the current situation with the queue lengths and loss times at these intersections and the travel times of some sections.


From 2020 to 2021


City of Hasselt



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Ruben Corthout, Stef Tourwé
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