Economics and Pricing

The use of economic policy instruments to influence traffic and transport behaviour is gaining in importance. Our work focuses on efficiency of all transport modes. The latest developments in economic theory in this field are applied to assess traffic and transport policy on the Flemish, Belgian and European level. A solid knowledge of numerical equilibrium-models is our basis when computing the welfare costs of transport measures.

Recente projecten

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Interactive Toolset for Understanding Trade-offs in ATM Performance.

air traffic tower


COMPetition for AIR traffic management.

rear view mirror car

Internalisation of External Costs of Transport in Flanders

To what extent does the transport user internalize their external costs?

notice board bus station

Basic Accessibility to Flemish Urban and Regional Transport

Substantiation and funding of the core network and broader market functioning of the supplementary network.


Cost calculation of the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by the transport sector

Quantitative analysis to support the assessment of measures for the reduction of climate change.

second-hand cars

Understanding the Second-Hand Car Market in the EU

Analysis of the pricing mechanisms and the trade patterns of second-hand cars and light commercial vehicles

The Cost of Non-Schengen

The direct effects of disbanding the Schengen Area on road transport


CO2 Regulation and Speed Limiters

The role of speed limiters in the CO2 regulation of new light commercial vehicles; result

Passenger Mobility and Road Traffic Statistics

European project on harmonized passenger road mobility statistics


Tool-supported policy-development for regional adaptation strategies

Impact of the Belgian Truck Kilometre Charge on the Food Industry

Estimate of direct cost increase and economic impact of the Belgian truck kilometre charge on the food industry.


Employment 2025: How multiple transitions will affect the European labour market

Road Infrastructure Safety Management

Ex-post evaluation of Directive 2008/96/EC and ex-ante assessment of options on amendments to the Directive; Results of the e...

Second-Hand-Car Market

European survey on the second-hand-car market



Impact of Transport Infrastructure on the International Competitiveness of Europe


Cycling in Brussels: Does It Pay Off?

Estimation of the direct and indirect impacts with a modal share of 20% cyclists

Speed Limitation Devices

Evaluation study on speed limitation devices for commercial vehicles



Increase in efficiency of freight transport related information exchange for multimodal transport

table rebound effects

Rebound Effects

Calculation of the indirect or second order effects of environmental policies


Potential of EV in the Government Fleet

Potential and economic and environmental impact of the replacement of conventional vehicles by electric vehicles within the f...

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European Transport Policy Information System: development and implementation of a data collection method for EU transport mod...

Second Opinion Brussels Ring

Comparison of the congestion and health effects of an enlargement of the ring versus road pricing


Impact Assessment of Internalisation in Transport

Inventory of measures for internalising external costs in all modes of transport


MIRA External Costs

Internalization of external costs in Flanders

Shifting from Labour Taxation to Road Pricing

Effects of potential scenarios for greener fiscal policy, more specifically through road pricing for passenger cars


Internalisation of external costs on transport corridors

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