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An overview of all our recent projects.
climate policy public tansport

Evaluation of federal climate policy

Update of the evaluation of the federal climate measures for transport.


Traffic management for Connected and Automated Driving (TM4CAD)

Investigating the role of infrastructure in creating Operational Design Domains for connected and self-driving vehicles.

congestion highway

Study to objectify mobility policy

This study makes a diagnoses of the congestion problem within Flanders and Brussels. Furthermore, this study aims to formulate recommendations for concrete solutions to reduce congestion.

Emission monitoring, reporting and verification system Vietnam

Emission monitoring, reporting and verification system Vietnam

Establishing an emission monitoring system for the road sector in Vietnam, in order to follow the evolution of these emissions over time.


CO2 emissions of road traffic in the EU ETS

This study examines the conditions and impact of the possible inclusion of road traffic CO2 emissions in an emissions trading system.


Environmental Impact Report (MER) R0 East

Environmental Impact Report - mobility aspect - of the eastern part of the Brussels Ring (R0)

Residential development area Wijgmaal

Residential development area Wijgmaal

Supporting mobility study for the preparation of the development plan for the residential development area Wakkerzeelsebaan - Ursulinenstraat in Wijgmaal.

Remote sensing

Remote Sensing Antwerp

Collectioning and analysis ofng emission measurements of cars and trucks in the port of Antwerp.


Metro North

Mobility studies and hyper-coordination assistance for the extension of the high-performance public transport network to the north of Brussels

Roadmap Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment

Roadmap Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment

Elaborate a roadmap for environmental impact assessment at the strategic level in Flanders


Mobiscore Update

Update of the Mobiscore based on the recommendations made during the study "Analysis results Mobiscore".


Mobility advice Oeverpark Lokeren

TML provided additional advice in connection with the Mobility Impact Assessment Report for the Oeverpark in Lokeren.


SCBA E17 Temse-Kruibeke

SCBA study for the infrastructural development of the E17 between Temse and Kruibeke.


SCBA R0-North

Social cost-benefit analysis of the northern part of the Brussels Ring Road (R0)


Possible supporting measures for estuary navigation, inland navigation and railways

Estuary shipping as an alternative transport mode for goods flows to and from the hinterland.

Overweight vehicle

Overweight vehicles’ impacts on road infrastructure and safety

What is the impact of overweight vehicles on road infrastructure and road safety? Which appropriate policy tools can be taken to ensure heavy vehicles comply better to the existing regulations in this field?

Urban Plateau Turnhout

Urban Plateau Turnhout

Elaboration of the master plan for the redesign of the heaviest black spot in Flanders.

estuary shipping

Estuary shipping and its possible developments in the medium term

Research into the technical possibilities to achieve better services in estuary shipping


Analysis of the Flemish multimodal nodes

We analysed the main bottlenecks for the development of multimodal nodes for freight transport in Flanders and proposed a plan of action to eliminate them.


Holiday mobility of disadvantaged people

Research into feasible mobility solutions for Flanders.


Vilvoorde traffic and parking guidance with ANPR and PGS technology

Towards a smart digital ANPR and parking guidance system to keep car pressure low and make the city centre accessible and liveable.



nuMIDAS is a Horizon 2020 research project, led by TML, that will build a toolkit to help decision makers in cities tackle new mobility trends and challenges.


Design of Road Traffic Management Albania

TML is helping to develop a traffic management system for the roads in Albania.

decarbonising the Belgian maritime sector

Preparatory research on decarbonising the Belgian maritime sector

The maritime shipping sector is responsible for the highest CO2 emissions in Belgian waters. Decarbonising this sector requires many technical and operational measures. TML carried out a preparatory study.

Less Nuisance Verapaz Bridge Ghent

Drafting of the road works impact management for the specifications of the Verapaz Bridge

For the yet to be built Verapaz bridge in Ghent, TML worked out the phasing of the works as part of the lesser disruption component.


Urban renewal project Scheldt quays

Innovative vision of the Scheldt quays as a connection between city and water, and as a junction of urban multimodal movements.

Science Park Campus Diepenbeek

Mobility study for Science Park Campus Diepenbeek

Microsimulation and optimisation of future access variants.

Term 2020

TERM 2020 Train or plane?

Annual TERM report on current developments in the transport and environment area.


Social inequality and air pollution exposure in European cities

Socio-economic deprived people are regularly being more exposed to air pollution, and are always more vulnerable to its consequences.

city commuters


The European Commission has released the urban mobility indicators (SUMI) benchmarking tool for cities to monitor and evaluate the implementation of their sustainable urban mobility plans, and assess the performance of their own policies.TML took the lead in the creation of this benchmarking tool.

wecount window graphic


With WeCount, we want to mobilise citizens to take the lead in creating data, evidence and knowledge about mobility in their own neighbourhood and street.

rural road


How can we exploit the potential of sustainable and innovative mobility solutions in rural areas?

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