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The IVA Mobility Company for the City of Ghent went through an intensive process to define the optimal principles of the future parking management on the site The Loop.

Strategically located between the E40 and the R4, the Loop currently houses major commercial activities, including the exhibition complex Flanders Expo. Future urban development plans introduce retail, leisure and office space to the site, which will attract more traffic and increase parking pressure. To improve mobility, functioning parking management must be incorporated within the site's general sustainable mobility strategy, finding a balance between the views of project developers, sustainable mobility and urban development.

TML supported the Mobility Agency's organization of a number of thematic working groups initiated to reach a consensus on which to base efficient and feasible parking management. One of the future Loop site parking manager's tools is a roadmap of operational principles for parking management implementation. The roadmap stipulates scenarios for traffic management and the site's distribution of parking places, both for regular and peak periods, as well as in the event of traffic incidents.




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