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    Griet De Ceuster

    Managing Director
    Griet De Ceuster has founded Transport & Mobility Leuven in 2002 and is managing director since then. She is involved in long term forecasts, cost-benefit analysis of transport infrastructure and indicators for sustainable mobility. The past 15 years, she was involved in more than 100 research programmes and studies across Belgium and Europe. She is a frequent speaker, reviewer and expert. Griet De Ceuster is a MSc in Civil Engineering and specialized in traffic engineering and economics at the TU Delft and KU Leuven.
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Field tests in Flanders (Belgium) with cooperative intelligent transport systems for trucks.

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Interactive Toolset for Understanding Trade-offs in ATM Performance.

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Internalisation of External Costs of Transport in Flanders

To what extent does the transport user internalize their external costs?


Rhine-Alpine Transport Study

Quantification of the modal shift potential on the Rail Freight Corridor Rhine-Alpine.

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Public transport services with wearable devices for different mobility types

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Development of a human factors perspective on traffic management measures in Europe


Improved Monitoring of Traffic Signal Controls

Construct a system for quality assessment of traffic control systems in Flanders


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Usability of unmanned aerial vehicles as a platform for registration equipment

GHG Emission Reduction in European Maritime Transport

GHG emission reduction potential of EU-related maritime transport and its impacts

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Models for Optimizing Dynamic Urban Mobility

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Electric vehicles sharing services based on a B2B service platform

Supporting ITS Action Plan Flanders

Supporting the Flemish Government in the creation of her ITS Action Plan

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European Transport Policy Information System: development and implementation of a data collection method for EU transport modelling

Second Opinion Brussels Ring

Comparison of the congestion and health effects of an enlargement of the ring versus road pricing

Cost Benefit Analysis Corridor PP22

Study on the completion of the railway link Germany - Greece

The Implementation of Kilometre Charging and a Vignette in Belgium

Kilometre charging for trucks and an electronic road vignette for light vehicles in the Flemish, Brussels, and Walloon Region


Supporting Smarter Mobility

Intelligent road pricing proves useful in directing change and mobility behaviour


Reducing greenhouse-gas emissions (GHG) of transport beyond 2020

Impact EU ITS Directive

The impact of investments in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Belgium


TEN-T Planning Methodology

Trans-European Transport Network planning methodology


MIRA External Costs

Internalization of external costs in Flanders

new road link 'Meccano' Antwerp

New Road Link "Meccano" Antwerp

Traffic analysis and SCBA of a new road link in Antwerp



Modelling of transport volumes for road, rail and inland waterways for the whole world between 1990 and 2100



Optimising price and location of parking in cities under a sustainability constraint


Longer and Heavier Vehicles

Effects of adapting the rules on weight and dimensions of heavy commercial vehicles as established within Directive 96/53/EC


Road Pricing

Road Pricing analysis of trucks in Flanders

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Analysis of the planned Flemish reform of the circulation taxes


Iron Rhine

Transport forecasts and SCBA as part of a possible reopening of the Iron Rhine

Training Classes CBA Rail

Training for FPS Mobility and Transport, in French and Dutch, 5 days

Economic Effects 80 km/h

Analysis of economic effects of a speed limitation to 80 km/h for trucks on Belgian motorways; Calculation of the Costs; Estimations and Assumptions in the Study



Emissions of road traffic in Belgium 1990-2030


MIRA-T 2004

Contribution to the Flemish report 'environmental indicators', part Traffic and Transport



Screening of air quality problems in Flanders due to road traffic (for NOx and PM10)



Advise to the international arbitration case "Iron Rhine" between The Netherlands and Belgium. Impact of the Iron Rhine on energy consumption and emissions of freight transport.


External Costs of Road Transport

Estimation of the external costs of emissions, congestion, noise and safety for road transport in Flanders , 1990-2002


Rat Running

Research on the traffic on secondary roads that is avoiding congestion on motorways

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Transport related air pollution and its impact on health

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Optimisation of Ship-generated Waste Collection

Solutions for more optimal ship-generated waste collection for Flanders inland shipping


3RX Corridor

Feasibility study on the 3RX rail corridor between Belgium and Germany

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Sustainable Urban Mobility Indicators

Project logo Mobity management with ANPR

Mobility Management with ANPR

How to use ANPR cameras for traffic management purposes?

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National Policy Frameworks for the Market Development of Alternative Fuels and their Infrastructure

Guidelines and assessment of national policy frameworks

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Mobility Plan for the Leuven transport region

Design of a detailed public transport plan and an integrated mobility plan for the Leuven transport zone.

rail traffic Gent-Terneuzen

Optimisation rail Gent-Terneuzen

A prognoses of the transport volumes by rail (up til 2030) in the harbours of Terneuzen and Gent, and a SCBA.

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Citizens Observing UrbaN Transport

congestion personal vehicles

Road pricing personal vehicles

highway Belgium

Report on opportunities of smart/sustainable mobility in Belgium

Opportunities smart mobility at the Belgian market

congestion highway

Study to objectify mobility policy

This study makes a diagnoses of the congestion problem within Flanders and Brussels. Furthermore, this study aims to formulate recommendations for concrete solutions to reduce congestion.


SCBA sustainability rail traffic

SCBA to make rail transport more sustainable by further electrification of the Belgian railway network or replacement of diesel traction by other sustainable modes of transport.

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