Supporting ITS Action Plan Flanders

In light of the impact of ITS for public and private services, and the importance of the European ITS Directive, the Department Mobility and Public Works wishes to create leverage by composing an ITS Action Plan. This will allow accelerated deployment of the readily available ITS systems and services. The end goal here will be to constantly offer high-value end-to-end services.

TML supported the Flemish Government in cooperation with ITS Belgium and Technum. The project entailed a benchmarking of the ITS Action Plans of other member states, a proposal for the structure of the ITS Action Plan and a draft of an overarching vision document. In addition, we also processed the results from the ITS Round Table 2013 and provided status information regarding the priorities of the ITS Directive. Finally, we created an up-to-date list of ongoing and planned ITS projects by the Flemish Government.




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ITS Belgium and Technum

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