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20064 / 20089
The Brussels government is working on the city of the future. As the capital city of Belgium and Europe it has to have a better air quality, smoother mobility, and taxation that is simpler, fairer, and more favourable. With the introduction of SmartMove, the Brussels government is implementing its tax reform agreed in the 2019 coalition agreement: a tax system that no longer starts from owning the car, but from its use. This smart kilometre charge takes into account both the number of kilometres driven and the time of travel. For example, a driver will pay more during peak hours and less during off-peak hours, in the evening, at night, or on weekends. In addition, the social dimension is also taken into account, with the rate varying according to the vehicle's motorisation.
As a member of the Motivity consortium, TML supports the Brussels government with the implementation of impact studies. The following aspects were discussed in more detail:
  • An overview of urban toll systems and toll systems with GPS that are in place worldwide.
  • The data sources used for the basis of the mobility analyses.
  • The simulations with the TREMOVE model used to calculate the impact on mobility.
  • The expected number of occasional users and tariff strategy for them.
  • A literature review and context of the expected socio-economic impact of tolls and the context in the BCR.
  • The social impact analysis.
  • The economic impact analysis.
  • The effects on emissions, accidents, and active modes, with the associated external costs.
The first studies for SmartMove already predict that it is feasible to have 12% fewer kilometres driven during an average working day, 18% less during the evening rush hour, and a total of 30% less time lost in traffic jams.




Financial Ministry of the BRC


Motivity (Stibbe, TML, KPMG, Common Ground), Université Saint-Louis

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