From 2009 to 2012
ETISplus was a research project in the 7th Framework Programme (DG MOVE). It built upon the strengths of and addressed the lessons learnt by the previous ETIS database project (2005). The Commission's objectives have not changed, but the frameworks, i.e. the knowledge management process and institutional arrangements need more emphasis. This was a requisite for the successful implementation of the ETISplus knowledge base.

The main objectives of the project were:

- To develop a framework for the collection and dissemination of data and network information related to transport including:
The use of new data collection methods
The use of efficient, cost-effective methods in cases where gaps in data collection currently exist
The use of a dedicated IPR free dissemination and retrieval tool
- To provide a central repository to be used by transport support policy tools at the EU level
- To implement and validate a database, updating and extending the ETIS database geographically, adding additional variables, adding the new reference years 2005 and 2008, and including the newest member states and neighbouring countries in more detail
- To establish communications between all stakeholders
- To prepare guidelines and structures for future updates and management
TML participated in the following tasks:

- The coordination of communications and dissemination of project progress and results
- Innovative data collection concepts: the use of ITS
- The design of the database, especially concerning the vehicle stocks and external impacts of transport
- Data compilation on the determining factors of transport demand, the level of service, and external impact indicators
- Data construction for freight and logistics
- Methods of data screening, validation, and evaluation



From 2009 to 2012


European Commission, FP7


NEA Transport research and training (NL) - (Coordinator), ISIS (IT), TRT (IT), MKmetric (DE), NESTEAR (FR), IWW (DE), STRATEC (BE), NTU (DK), STRATA (DE), (PT), TNO (NL), TETRAPLAN (DK), NTUA (GR), OBET (PL), ITC (BG), DEMIS (NL), UNIZA University of Zilina (SK)

Our team

Griet De Ceuster, Lars Akkermans, Tim Breemersch, Joko Purwanto, Ignacio Hidalgo González, Tom Voge
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