Network Design Problem Oslo

From 2006 to 2008
The Network Design Problem (NDP) allows determining the optimal investment program and/or the transport pricing scheme, ensuring that the social welfare is maximised. It takes the effects of the implemented investment plan on the demand and performance of the transport system into account. Consequently, the NDP has the structure of a bi-level programming or a leader-follower game, where the system manger is the leader and the network users are the followers. The lower level then represents the user-equilibrium model for given investment and/or transport pricing action, while the upper level represents the investment decision-making of the transport planner.

Under the NDP project for Oslo greater area, we have set up a simplified representation of the greater Oslo transport network and the related travel demands. This was further linked to the design of the new 5 year transport plan for Oslo. The new transport plan includes both a set of transport investment projects to be realised and options for their efficient financing such as road tolls and parking fees. The project team developed an efficient algorithm for the solution of the mathematical problem and implemented it in case of the construction of the 5 year transport plan for greater Oslo area.


From 2006 to 2008


The Norwegian Ministry of Transport


Norwegian Institute of Transport Economics (TOI)

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Griet De Ceuster, Sven Maerivoet
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