Mobility Management with ANPR

‘Mobility management with ANPR’ is a City of Things project which was submitted to Vlaio by the intercommunal company IGEMO and the municipality of Puurs.  Most of the municipalities of the region ‘Rivierenland’ invested considerably in the installation of ANPR (Automatic Number-Plate recognition) cameras.  Currently, these cameras are primarily used for police purposes.  Within this project, we investigate for which other purposes the available data can be used, and in which ways. ANPR cameras could, for instance, be used to perform traffic counts and measure the traffic intensity.  The smart data from ANPR cameras could also be used for traffic management purposes, s.a. controlling traffic lights or signalisation, automatically generating traffic information, or facilitating parking guidance.
Within this project, we make an inventory of possible applications and use cases, and will provide expert guidance in a workshop.  Finally, we will do a quick scan of a number of applications,  in order to analyse their utility for local authorities.






Our team

Griet De Ceuster, Willem Himpe, Sven Maerivoet, Gitte Van Den Bergh
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