Study to objectify mobility policy

Mobility of people generates some important advantages for Flanders’ inhabitants and the Flemish economy.  Passenger mobility facilitates inhabitants of Flanders to generate an income from labour, to develop themselves in their leisure time and to maintain a network of social contacts.  On the other hand, mobility leads to a series of persistent problems that are intertwined: the exhaust of greenhouse gases and air pollutants, a negative impact on the quality of life and on traffic safety, noise pollution, congestion, land use, … These problems originate partly from the way the current mobility system is functioning.
As for congestion, we expect a sharp increase within the next few years.  This study makes a diagnoses of the congestion problem within Flanders and Brussels.  Furthermore, this study aims to formulate recommendations for concrete solutions to reduce congestion.  These are solutions that can either be taken by the government (at different policy levels) or by the employers.




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Griet De Ceuster, Sebastiaan Boschmans, Inge Mayeres, Stef Proost
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