CIVITAS is a European project that promotes sustainable transport in cities. With the CIVITAS initiative, the European Commission wants to support cities that implement an ambitious, incorporated and sustainable transport policy.

CIVITAS I was launched beginning of 2002, CIVITAS II started beginning of 2005. Due to the success of the previous two actions, CIVITAS will be repeated: until June 28th, 2007, cities could apply for the new CIVITAS programme (CIVITAS plus).

Transport & Mobility Leuven is convinced that the city of Hasselt is in a good position to qualify for the new CIVITAS project and helped the city with their application. Hasselt is known in Europe for its dared and innovative policy on urban mobility, among other things thanks to the fare-free buses. Hasselt forms a consortium with the cities Verona (Italy), Zurich (Switserland), La Valetta (Malta), Nova Gorica (Slovenia) and Mielec (Poland) and their affiliated partners (e.g. local transport companies and research institutes).

If the proposal is accepted, Hasselt and its local partners (De Lijn, i-City and TML) can receive up to 1 800 000 euro from Europe to - among other things - operate hybrid buses in the city centre, which consume 30% less than conventional buses, expel but little noxious pollutants and are much quieter. In cooperation with i-City, innovative services around real-time travel information over wireless internet will be offered. Your PDA or GPS will reserve the available parking space that is nearest to your destination and guide you there, taking into account the current traffic conditions. Transport & Mobility Leuven will calculate the impact of the presented measures.




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