From 2003 to 2005
The introduction of biofuels can reduce the emissions of greenhouse gas emissions by 30% to 50% compared to fossil fuels. With the new generation biofuels the reduction potential increases up to between 50% and 90%. With the actual high oil prices, biofuels can be produced in a concurrential way in Europe, if the East European agriculture undergoes the necessary changes. The production of substantial quantities of biomass in Europe is possible without affecting the food and wood production. These are the most important results of the EU sponsored VIEWLS project. The Dutch Research institute Senternovem was project leader. Transport and Mobility Leuven was one of the project partners. TML investigated the cost aspects of the transport of biofuels between Eastern and Western Europe.


From 2003 to 2005


European Commission, 5th Framework Programme


Senternovem (project leader, NL), Utrecht University (NL), Chalmers University (S), …

Our team

Griet De Ceuster, Bruno Van Zeebroeck
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