N8 Ieper-Veurne

02.33 / 06.02
From 2003 to 2005
This study makes proposals that offer a solution to the problems that arise on the N8 road connection between Ypres and Veurne (West Flanders). It starts from a broad traffic and spatial context and from a multimodal approach, taking into account ecological, landscape and socio-economic considerations. The various objectives of the mobility policy in Flanders (accessibility, accessibility, road safety, traffic liveability, and the environment and nature) come into their own. Alternatives are weighed up for their effects and feasibility and a limited number of alternatives are further elaborated.


From 2003 to 2005


Vlaamse overheid, Mobiliteitscel (Flemish government, Mobility Department- now called Afdeling Beleid Mobiliteit en Verkeersveiligheid)


Vectris (project leader), TNO, Econnection

Our team

Griet De Ceuster, Filip Vanhove
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