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    Dirk Engels is Master of Science in Transport Engineering (obtained at the KU Leuven) and is EIR expert for the Flemish Government, LNE, in the field ‘Human’, Mobility, assigned to draw up a report on environmental effects. He also followed a post graduate course ‘Urbanism and Spatial Planning’. He worked for 25 years for TRITEL as a project manager and director. He supports TML as independent mobility expert with his broad expertise in the design and management of traffic systems and traffic modelling. He played an active role in a wide range of studies on urban; regional and EU level making mobility impact studies and Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans and designing multi-modal transport systems. He also participated actively in a large number of studies on EU level as Evaluation Manager , Project manager or supporting expert ( e.g. CHAMP, QUEST, CIVITAS ELAN, CIVITAS VIVALDI, …).
    +32 16 31 77 31
traffic lights

Management System for the Traffic Lights in Antwerp

Design and implementation of an innovative management system and control strategy.


Demonstration project Merelbeke

Express Tramline Hasselt-Maastricht

Express Tramline Hasselt-Maastricht

Impact of the express tramline 1 Hasselt-Maastricht

bus stop


Tool for the calculation of an 'accessibility score'


Strategic Freight Model Flanders

Policy support using the strategic freight model Flanders

city commuters


Sustainable Urban Mobility Indicators

Microsimulation R23

Microscopic traffic simulation Leuven Ringroad

Traffic analysis (microscopic simulation) of the Leuven Ringroad (R23)

road map of Antwerp

Dynamic Traffic Model Antwerp

Development of a macroscopic dynamic traffic model for the Antwerp region.

rural road


Interested in rural mobility? Join our webinar series in June & July!



Demonstration of innovative sustainable mobility measures in European cities.



Coordination of research and innovation in the framework of CIVITAS 2020.

bridge Antwerp Spoor Noord

Mobility Advice Lantis

TML is one of the mobility advisors for Lantis.


Evaluation framework temporary traffic measures



Improving carpooling by changes in attitudes and motivational triggers in 5 cities in Europe, among which Leuven


Transport Success Stories

Transport success stories on environment


City Programme Roeselare

Analysis of the mobility situation in Roeselare

map of Antwerp

Parking Study for the City of Antwerp

Revision of the current parking policy plan

Noorderlijn tram

Road Works Impact Management Noorderlijn Antwerp

Road works management during the improvement works of the Noorderlijn in Antwerp.

Guidelines EIA Mobility

New guidelines for the mobility discipline under the various EIA procedures

Masterplan Izegem (Palmbout Urban Landscapes)

Master Plan Izegem

Elaboration of an integrated master plan for the city of Izegem

Antwerp Expo - Strategic vision for parking

Antwerp Expo: Strategic vision for parking


Parking study Grote Markt Blankenberge

Parking balance and parking duration study for a new public parking infrastructure

Gent post-circulationplan; copyright Jeroen Willems

Assessment of Gent’s traffic circulation plan

Extensive analysis of the effects of the traffic circulation plan for the inner city of Gent.

aerial photo Antwerp Expo

PlanMER-screening Antwerp Expo

Mobility analysis to support the PlanMER-screening of Antwerp Expo


Road Works Impact Management bridges Albert canal

Advice building contractor Franki on the Development of a Road Works Impact Management Plan related to the construction works at the bridges of the Albert canal.

Optimism logo


Optimizing Passenger Transport Information to Materialize Insights for Sustainable Mobility

map of 'the loop', Gent

Parking Management The Loop

Integrated sustainable parking management on the site The Loop

railway area Lokeren (@Palmbout)

Urban Renewal Lokeren Railway Station Area

Update of the master plan of the railway station area and Park ter Beuken

Bodart Square Leuven

Bodart Square Leuven

Integrated design of the intersection Koning Boudewijnlaan - Leuven Ringway

roads by night

Feasibility Study Tool Urban Network Management

Commercial feasibility of the development of a tool for urban mobility measures

bicyle tunnel

Bicycle Database

A knowledge database for foreign and domestic best bicycle practices

Road Works Management

Road Works Management during the construction of the BRABO 2 tramlines in Antwerp

Environmental Impact Assessment Report Oosterweel Connection

Mobility aspects

simulation Heldenplein Brussels

New Tramlines in Brussels

Traffic engineering design of new tramlines around Brussels


Improved Monitoring of Traffic Signal Controls

Construct a system for quality assessment of traffic control systems in Flanders

environmental impact assessment (EIR) Ronse

Project EIR N60 Ronse

Elaboration discipline Human-Mobility in the Project EIR for the missing link ‘extension N60 Ronse’

bicycle in the city


Models for Optimizing Dynamic Urban Mobility

MER-plan A102 R11

Plan-MER A102/R11bis

Elaboration of the mobility aspect within the plan-EIR for the Antwerp tangents A102/R11bis

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