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    Bruno Van Zeebroeck

    Bruno Van Zeebroeck has been coordinating policy-supporting transport and mobility projects for regional, national, federal, European, and international governments for more than 15 years. He is specialised in socio-economic evaluations and impact analyses. He also has extensive experience with benchmarking. The importance he attaches to social cohesion, social relationships, and inclusion explain why he specialises in active, inclusive, and shared modes. In his most recent projects, he evaluated bicycle policies, solidarity and shared mobility in rural environments, analysed the potential to organise holiday mobility for underprivileged people, and the impact of the European urban mobility package and federal climate policy. Bruno holds a degree in commercial engineering, which he completed with a "diplôme en affaires publiques" and courses in transport and environmental economics.
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villo sharingbikes Brussels

Benchmark Study (Electric) Shared Bicycle Systems

Can electrification of the Brussels shared bicycle systems increase their use?

bicycle-sharing system

TERM 2019: The first and last mile

Annual TERM report on current developments in the transport and environment area

Term 2020

TERM 2020 Train or plane?

Annual TERM report on current developments in the transport and environment area.


Social inequality and air pollution exposure in European cities

Socio-economic deprived people are regularly being more exposed to air pollution, and are always more vulnerable to its consequences.



Aeroflex supports vehicle manufacturers to meet the coming challenges and increase efficiency for road freight transport.

CO2 evolution

Impact analysis: shift from public means to public transport and active transport

What is the potential of a shift from public means to active & public transport?


Holiday mobility of disadvantaged people

Research into feasible mobility solutions for Flanders.

Transport Sector Evolution 2050

Prospective study of transport evolution by 2050

urban mobility

Evaluation support study for the Urban Mobility Package

Support Study for the evaluation of the urban mobility package and the European Mobility Week.

notice board bus station

Basic Accessibility to Flemish Urban and Regional Transport

Substantiation and funding of the core network and broader market functioning of the supplementary network.

rural road


Interested in rural mobility? Join our webinar series in June & July!

freighttrain waterways

EMMOSS model

Flemish emission model for inland shipping, maritime transport and rail



Improving carpooling by changes in attitudes and motivational triggers in 5 cities in Europe, among which Leuven


Transport Success Stories

Transport success stories on environment

car exhaust

Walloon regional plan for the reduction of air pollution

Blueprint of a Walloon regional plan abating air pollution by 2030.

Bike Train Bike


Seamless energy efficient door-to-door transport through Bike-Train-Bike combination.

highway Belgium

Report on opportunities of smart/sustainable mobility in Belgium

Opportunities smart mobility at the Belgian market


Regional Fleet Composition Belgium

Development of an approach for harmonized fleet composition statistics for the Belgian regions for use in emission modelling

Wetstraat Brussels (source: Pixabay)

Implementation LEZ Brussels

Advise on supporting measures to accompany the implementation of the low emission zone in Brussels.

Job Creation Potential of Cycling

A study on job creation in the European cycling sector

Coverimage 'Fietsbeleid brengt op'

Social benefits & costs of cycling

Accessible brochure for Fietsberaad


Objective needs analyses-tool bicycle infrastructure

(Re)development of the OBA-tool to prioritise investments to bicycle infrastructure.

freight train

Elimination of boundaries for the clustering of cargo flows by rail

Mapping of the physical and organisational boundaries of cargo flows by rail in Flanders, and analysis of a possible subsidy.

Economic Effects 80 km/h

Analysis of economic effects of a speed limitation to 80 km/h for trucks on Belgian motorways; Calculation of the Costs; Estimations and Assumptions in the Study


Road Pricing

Road Pricing analysis of trucks in Flanders



Emissions of road traffic in Belgium 1990-2030

Energy Use and Emission Reductions in Brussels

TML built a transparent transport simulation model for the BIM-IBGE


Market-based Instruments for Reducing Air Pollution

Assessment of policy options to reduce air pollution from shipping


MIRA-S 2009

Evolution of emissions of inland waterways, rail, air and maritime transport

parking sign car sharing

Innovative Economic Models

Sudy on Innovative Economic Models and their contribution to a sustainable mobility.


Safety-related Aspects of Tyre Use

EU-wide safety effects of tyre choice and use: the influence of weather, tread depth, Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) and consumer information

car fueling

Environmental Objectives for Brussels Vehicle Fleets

Determination of environmental objectives for fleet owners based on the analysis of some Brussels vehicle fleets and the best available technologies


Cycling in Wallonia: Does It Pay Off?

Estimation of the direct and indirect impacts of cycling today and in the future



Effects of European railway policy on transport of goods


Level Playing Field for Freight Transport in Belgium

Effects of a continuation of the rail transport subsidy on freight markets and the level playing field for freight transport in Belgium

green taxi symbol

Electric Taxis

Research on Clean Power for Taxis.

bicyle tunnel

Bicycle Database

A knowledge database for foreign and domestic best bicycle practices


Cycling in Brussels: Does It Pay Off?

Estimation of the direct and indirect impacts with a modal share of 20% cyclists


Tool-supported policy-development for regional adaptation strategies

commuter with folding bike

Evaluation of Federal Climate Measures

Evaluation of federal policy and measures related to emission reductions.

light bulb

Innovations/solutions for the transition to a more sustainable mobility system

Research for the Environmental Outlook 2018 of the MIRA Department.

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