Walloon regional plan for the reduction of air pollution

From 2017 to 2018
Short Description:
The goal of this project is the blueprint of a Walloon regional plan abating air pollution by 2030. The plan should enable Wallonia to achieve the guidelines for national emission ceilings as recommended by the EU.
Together with its project partners CLIMACT and Citepa, TML will perform an evaluation of the measures.  More specifically, Transport & Mobility Leuven will be responsible for the evaluation of the transport-related emission reduction measures.
To this end, we put our knowledge concerning vehicle fleet calculation and our experience with specific emission calculation models into practice.  Furthermore, we can build on our extensive expertise regarding policy advice related to emission reduction.

More information:
Air pollution is one of the most critical environmental problems.  The current levels of air pollutants have a negative impact on health and environment, such as a significant reduction of the average life expectancy. This is accompanied by substantial economic costs.
The consequences of poor air quality are the most significant to the inhabitants of urban areas (e.g. health problems due to excessive exposure to NO2 and PM2.5/PM10) and within ecosystems that are being negatively influenced by the excessive deposition of nitrogen.
Belgium in general, and Wallonia in particular, have already taken important measures to improve the air quality for its inhabitants.
The policy on air pollution in Flanders and Wallonia is based on:
  1. Drawing up projections and scenarios on the evolution of air pollution in order to evaluate the trends and effects of the policy measures on emissions.
  2. An economic analysis of the measures - taking into account the costs and benefits of every measure -  in order to select the most effective measures.
Within this project, each of the participating partners will conduct a social cost benefit analysis in order to select  the measures that are to be incorporated into the scenarios.
Each of the pollutants and every possible action will be evaluated according to their emission reduction potential and costs. Based on this sound analysis, the Walloon Region will make a final selection of the actions that are to be implemented.


From 2017 to 2018





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