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    Rodric Frederix obtained a Master’s degree in civil engineering. After his studies, he obtained a PhD in Engineering Sciences at KU Leuven. During that time, he specialised in the estimation of traffic demand within large transportation networks. He was also involved in the development and application of macroscopic traffic models which are used to map out the traffic flow within cities and regions. In this respect, he acquired useful experience regarding the functioning of traffic lights in relation with traffic flow. At TML, Rodric further specialised in the development of intelligent traffic lights, and supports the Flemish government and various cities and towns with its implementation in Flanders. Next to that, he continues to develop macroscopic traffic models for the Flemish region.
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Upgrading the N76 to a primary road?

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Employment 2025: How multiple transitions will affect the European labour market



Tool-supported policy-development for regional adaptation strategies


Economic Effects of VAT on Passenger Transport

Effects of different VAT regimes in the 28 EU states on the passenger transport market

illustration transportmodel

Development of a Transport Model

Development of a combined traffic engineering – transport economic model


Impact of the Belgian Truck Kilometre Charge on the Food Industry

Estimate of direct cost increase and economic impact of the Belgian truck kilometre charge on the food industry.

Brussels - credits: Pixabay/ssalae

Dynamic Traffic Model Brussels

Development of a macroscopic dynamic traffic model for the Brussels region.

road map of Antwerp

Dynamic Traffic Model Antwerp

Development of a macroscopic dynamic traffic model for the Antwerp region.

Road categorisation

Support MDVM

Dynamic traffic models capture travel times and traffic jams in a realistic manner and are therefore ideally suited for scenario analyses at local and regional level to support dynamic traffic management.

Slachthuiskaai Hasselt

Blauwe Boulevard Hasselt

Analysis and layout of traffic light control on the Slachthuiskaai in Hasselt.

urban transport


Development of a toolkit for the modeling of emerging transport solutions.


Shifting from Labour Taxation to Road Pricing

Effects of potential scenarios for greener fiscal policy, more specifically through road pricing for passenger cars


Second-Hand-Car Market

European survey on the second-hand-car market

Telraam project image


Development and implementation of crowd-sourced, automatic traffic counts with low-cost equipment.

Microsimulation R23

Microscopic traffic simulation Leuven Ringroad

Traffic analysis (microscopic simulation) of the Leuven Ringroad (R23)


Redesigning the A12 as a primary road

As part of Team A12, TML is studying the redesign of the A12 to improve safety and traffic flow for all road users.

Munich airport - @Pixabay RitaE


The ITACA project aims to shed light on the drivers and barriers for the adoption of new technologies in ATM.

bicyle tunnel

Bicycle Database

A knowledge database for foreign and domestic best bicycle practices

traffic lights

Management System for the Traffic Lights in Antwerp

Design and implementation of an innovative management system and control strategy.



Increase in efficiency of freight transport related information exchange for multimodal transport

table rebound effects

Rebound Effects

Calculation of the indirect or second order effects of environmental policies

air traffic tower


COMPetition for AIR traffic management.

ClairCity poster


Citizen-led air pollution reduction in cities.


Smart Traffic Network Control Antwerp

Study on a smart traffic network control for the city of Antwerp

aircraft landing - pixabay


Interactive Toolset for Understanding Trade-offs in ATM Performance.

Bodart Square Leuven

Bodart Square Leuven

Integrated design of the intersection Koning Boudewijnlaan - Leuven Ringway

roads by night

Feasibility Study Tool Urban Network Management

Commercial feasibility of the development of a tool for urban mobility measures


Flow Research N32 Roeselare-Hooglede

Optimisation of the traffic flow at the public transport corridor between the roundabout on the “Koning Leopold III Laan” and the oval roundabout near the R32 / N32



Accelerating change of air traffic management by regional forerunners


Improved Monitoring of Traffic Signal Controls

Construct a system for quality assessment of traffic control systems in Flanders

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