Smart Traffic Network Control Antwerp

From 2019 to 2020
Within a smart city or municipality, local governments, companies, research institutes and civil initiatives work together towards possible solutions for societal challenges.  More things than people are being connected to the internet.  This not only allows us to collect the data of these objects in realtime,  but also to direct these objects in realtime.  In which way can the municipality improve the service to its citizens and entrepreneurs by using these new technological possibilities and data in a smart way?

Within the context of this ‘City of Things’ call initiated by VLAIO, the city of Antwerp initiated a study on a ‘smart’ traffic network control for the city.  This network control will be able to make projections on potential occurrences of traffic jams.  These predictions allow for a more proactive and balanced approach as to the reduction of traffic jams (taking into account the legal framework, preconditions and qualitative prerequisites).

TML collaborates with project partner Dynniq to evaluate such a ‘smart’ traffic network control, and coaches the city of Antwerp to further build up knowledge on this topic.  Within the established policy framework, TML will design microsimulations and optimised traffic lights regulations for two specific areas in Antwerp.  Furthermore, our researchers will also assist the City of Antwerp to study the advantages and disadvantages of smart traffic network controls.  The result of this study will be used as a basis for further implementation of such traffic network control system.



From 2019 to 2020


City of Antwerp



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Ruben Corthout, Hanne De Naegel, Rodric Frederix
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