Support MDVM

From 2020 to 2024
TML supports the Traffic Models team of the Department of Mobility and Public Works in managing and applying the macroscopic dynamic traffic models (MDVMs) of Antwerp and the Flemish periphery These dynamic models capture traffic jams and travel times in a more realistic manner. They are suitable for scenario analyses at local and regional level in support of dynamic traffic management (e.g., reduced congestion at large construction sites such as Oosterweel).
Based on years of academic experience with macroscopic dynamic traffic modelling, TML is responsible for the actualisation and further improvement of the MDVMs, as well as the modelling and evaluation of scenarios.


From 2020 to 2024


Department of Mobility and Public Works, Team Traffic Models

Our team

Ruben Corthout, Hanne De Naegel, Rodric Frederix, Willem Himpe, Stef Tourwé
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