Projects and articles of Kris Vanherle

highway Belgium

Report on opportunities of smart/sustainable mobility in Belgium

Opportunities smart mobility at the Belgian market.

Emission monitoring, reporting and verification system Vietnam

Emission monitoring, reporting and verification system Vietnam

Establishing an emission monitoring system for the road sector in Vietnam, in order to follow the evolution of these emissions over time.


Second opinion impact of EV-uptake scenario’s

Small ad hoc analysis and verification of assumptions.

non-combustion particulate matter emissions

Review of recent studies and policies addressing non-combustion particulate matter emissions from break, tyre and road wear

Emissions of non-combustion pollutants from vehicles have increased over the past two decades. This includes emissions from break wear, tyre wear, and road wear.

Transport models for air quality

Transport models for air quality

This project is a testcase to investigate if an alternative approach to generate transport volumes can deliver sufficient quality to feed air quality models.


MIRA-S 2009

Evolution of emissions of inland waterways, rail, air and maritime transport

decarbonising the Belgian maritime sector

Preparatory research on decarbonising the Belgian maritime sector

The maritime shipping sector is responsible for the highest CO2 emissions in Belgian waters. Decarbonising this sector requires many technical and operational measures. TML carried out a preparatory study.

ClairCity poster


Citizen-led air pollution reduction in cities.


E40 - Haspengouw

SCBA analysis connection Sint-Truiden (Haspengouw) - E40



Refinement and test of sustainability indicators and tools with regard to European Transport policies


Climate Plan France

Climate plan for the transport and residential sector in France

electric car

EPOC 2030-2050

Research and development of energy transition models, whereby TML will focus on the relation between energy and transport.

Investments in the EU energy sector

Energy costs, taxes and the impact of government interventions on investments

Energy costs, taxes and the impact of government interventions on investments


Focus Report MIRA-T 2007

The emissions of international shipping and aviation


Impact of the 2004 Enlargement on the European Transport Market

Study on the impact of the 2004 enlargement of the European Union on the transport sector


Competitiveness of Short Sea Shipping

Analysis of the competitiveness of European Short Sea Shipping compared to road and rail transport

freighttrain waterways

EMMOSS model

Flemish emission model for inland shipping, maritime transport and rail


A Study on Co-modality and Eco Driving Mobility

Data enrichment applied to detailed mobility data


Short Sea Shipping

Short Sea Shipping as an alternative for road transport over long distances


A TREMOVE development project adding a waste materials module and introducing endogenous scrappage decisions

ship canal


Effects of climate change on inland waterways and inland shipping competitiveness



Integrated transport and energy baseline until 2030


Transport Forecasts Gent-Terneuzen

Transport forecasts for a new sea lock in Terneuzen


Energy Use and Emission Reductions in Brussels

TML built a transparent transport simulation model for the BIM-IBGE


Company Cars

Estimating the impact of company cars on congestion and emissions



Reducing greenhouse-gas emissions (GHG) of transport beyond 2020

second-hand cars

Understanding the Second-Hand Car Market in the EU

Analysis of the pricing mechanisms and the trade patterns of second-hand cars and light commercial vehicles


Second-Hand Cars

European second-hand-car market analysis

green taxi symbol

Electric Taxis

Research on Clean Power for Taxis.


Market-based Instruments for Reducing Air Pollution

Assessment of policy options to reduce air pollution from shipping


The Federal Government as "Launching Customer" of Electric Mobility

Roadmap for the transition of the federal government fleet and the fleets of autonomous public enterprises to electric mobility


Regional Fleet Composition Belgium

Development of an approach for harmonized fleet composition statistics for the Belgian regions for use in emission modelling


Study on LPG Cars Penetration

Benefits estimation of increased shares of LPG cars in the EU car-fleet


ETS Flemish Ports

The implementation of international transport in the European emission trading scheme: 'completing modalities from the perspective of Flemish ports'



Support for a Joint Task Force of Europe, Japan and the USA on setting a common research agenda for assessing the impact of ITS on emissions


External Costs of Maritime Transport

Evaluation of the consequences of the revised MARPOL Annex VI in 2015

simulation train scheduling tool

Train Scheduling: The Game

Optimisation of train scheduling in a pc simulation game environment


The Future of ISVAG

Exploration of future scenarios for the ISVAG waste incineration plant

green highways

Potential of transport infrastructure in curbing CO2-emissions

Exploratory assessment of the potential of road transport infrastructure policy measures to reduce transport CO2 emissions.

Isle of Java

Greening Freight Transport in Indonesia

Support CO2 mitigation measures in freight transport in Java.

car fueling

Impact of higher LPG market share

Assessing the impact of a higher LPG-uptake worldwide

Reyersplein Brussel

Projection Model for Brussels Road Traffic

Update of the projection model for energy consumption and air pollution of road traffic in the Brussels-Capital Region.

urban transport


Development of a toolkit for the modeling of emerging transport solutions.


Second-Hand-Car Market

European survey on the second-hand-car market


Electrification Status of Passenger Cars

Assessing the status of electrification of passenger cars and potential future implications for the environment and the European energy system

wecount window graphic


Citizens Observing UrbaN Transport.

powerplant <Pixabay

Extensions for the POLES Model

Development of modules for power distribution and capacity planning for the POLES model

Telraam project image


Development and implementation of crowd-sourced, automatic traffic counts with low-cost equipment.

Estimated share of electric vehicles in the fleet in 2050

Impact of electric vehicle growth on the electricity grid

city commuters


Sustainable Urban Mobility Indicators



TREMOVE training for Duke University of North Carolina


Maritime Emission Control Areas

A new EU maritime emission baseline up to 2050, including the costs of reducing emissions

car fueling

Environmental Objectives for Brussels Vehicle Fleets

Determination of environmental objectives for fleet owners based on the analysis of some Brussels vehicle fleets and the best available technologies

CO2 evolution

Impact analysis: shift from public means to public transport and active transport

What is the potential of a shift from public means to active & public transport?



Impact of Transport Infrastructure on the International Competitiveness of Europe

clean power

National Policy Frameworks for the Market Development of Alternative Fuels and their Infrastructure

Guidelines and assessment of national policy frameworks


New TREMOVE Baseline

Development of a new TREMOVE baseline for the impact assessment of the EC White Paper on transport

underground passenger with smartphone


Electric vehicles sharing services based on a B2B service platform

map IPTS electricity model

An Integrated Electricity Market Model

Development of an integrated electricity market model for Western Europe


Potential of EV in the Government Fleet

Potential and economic and environmental impact of the replacement of conventional vehicles by electric vehicles within the fleet of the Flemish government



Accelerating change of air traffic management by regional forerunners


The founding of Rear Window

Telraam actively works with citizens to provide good traffic counts. After a year of preparatory work, the notary established on 27 January this year Rear Window BV, which will carry on the Telraam idea. We spoke briefly with Kris Vanherle, researcher at TML, co-founder and managing director of the new company.


TML'ers have their say! #4

In this section we would like to introduce you to our colleagues at TML. This way you get to know us a little better and discover what everyone within TML is doing. Recently we had a conversation with Willem, Dirk, Kris, and Hanne!

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