Potential of transport infrastructure in curbing CO2-emissions

The current European transport decarbonisation policy focusses almost exclusively on a shift towards cleaner propulsion technologies (cf. biofuels, CNG, electricity…) and the promotion of more energy-efficient vehicles (cf. the CO2-emission targets). In this context, policymakers and industry agree that the lack of a strategy on infrastructure
measures that may help to abate CO2-emission (particularly related to road transport) constitutes a
gap in the current policy framework.
This study aims to fill that gap and compiled an inventory of infrastructure policy measures that can reduce CO2-emissions from transport, with particular emphasis on road transport. The result is a report which gives an overview of potential measures that are assessed according to their environmental potential and costs.

Results/report: This report does not aim to quantify the abatement potential and cost in great detail. We have established rough estimates of abatement potential and abatement cost of a variety of technologies.  The result is a report including fact sheets of the most appropriate infrastructure policy measures:
  • Green Wave
  • Road Maintenance
  • Ehighway
  • Pavement reflectivity
  • Roadside greening
  • Ecorouting
  • Ecodriving
  • Low rolling resistance surfacing
  • LED streetlights
  • VMS: lower maximum speeds
  • VMS: parking guidance
  • Missing links
  • Roundabouts vs. traffic lights
  • Hyperloop
TML's expertise:
For this study, TML can rely on its extensive expertise in the environmental aspects of transport.  We managed several studies for European national governments and have been regularly involved in impact analyses of various measures to reduce environmental impact of transport (eco-taxation, CO2 standards, subsidies for new green technologies, scrappage schemes, ...) based on quantitative model studies.





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