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From 2010 to 2011
The city of Sint-Truiden is located centrally in between the E314-E313-E40 and has one primary road connection towards the main motorways, i.e. the N80 in the direction of Hasselt. However, this connection is not very logical for traffic in the direction of Brussels. Today, people use the N3 in the direction of Tienen or the N80 towards Gingelom to reach the E40. A previous study showed that neither decoupling the N3, nor a planned new road would lead to a societal benefit as these new roads are not able to attrack enough traffic.

In this study, which goes further than the analysis of December 2008, we made a complete social cost benefit analysis (SCBA) for a theoretical connection between Haspengouw and the E40.

The main tasks in this study were:

- Calculation of the the effects on travel times, taking into account all future expected developments (new industry sites, tourism, etc.) in the region of Haspengouw
- Calculation of the economic impacts (which were not taken into account in the December 2008 study) using the ISEEM model
- Calculation of the effects on the surrounding regions (e.g., Wallonia).
The results of the study show that the net social benefits vary between 21 and 35 million euro (excl. the investment costs). The competitiveness of the region ZW-Haspengouw improves and we expect the new connection to create additional employment, approximately 12 FTE. The new connection will have a small positive impact on safety (less accidents) and on noise hindrance due to traffic.

The total investment cost is estimated between 22 and 77 million euro. In that sense we conclude that only if a cheap solution is found, a new connection will be beneficial for society.


From 2010 to 2011


Vlaamse overheid, Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer - Wegen en Verkeer Limburg (Flemish government)



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