Projects and articles of Filip Vanhove

Emission monitoring, reporting and verification system Vietnam

Emission monitoring, reporting and verification system Vietnam

Establishing an emission monitoring system for the road sector in Vietnam, in order to follow the evolution of these emissions over time.


Update of the Regional Fleet Composition Belgium

Update of the Fleet Composition module for emission-inventory of traffic in Belgium

Remote sensing

Remote Sensing Antwerp

Collectioning and analysis ofng emission measurements of cars and trucks in the port of Antwerp.

ClairCity poster


Citizen-led air pollution reduction in cities.

Port of Antwerp

LEZ Port of Antwerp

Calculation of the environmental cost efficiency and the social costs/benefits of introducing an LEZ in the Antwerp port area.


E40 - Sint-Truiden

Analysis of different infrastructure improvements for the connection between the E40 motorway and Sint-Truiden

freighttrain waterways

EMMOSS model

Flemish emission model for inland shipping, maritime transport and rail


Rat Running

Research on the traffic on secondary roads that is avoiding congestion on motorways



Screening of air quality problems in Flanders due to road traffic (for NOx and PM10)


Exploratory and comparative study on a mobility strategy for the environment in the Brussels-Capital Region

Mobile Machines

Emissions of mobile machines in Flanders

Traffic Indices

Traffic statistics for the Belgian motorway network

MER-AX Brugge-Westkapelle

The making of a plan-MER for the construction of the AX between the N31 in Bruges and the N49 in Westkapelle



Calculation of air quality along waterways and in ports


Regional Fleet Composition Belgium

Development of an approach for harmonized fleet composition statistics for the Belgian regions for use in emission modelling


Statistical analysis and estimation of missing data for the European transport and environmental indicators


Improved Methods for the Assessment of the Generic Impact of Noise in the Environment


MIRA-T 2004

Contribution to the Flemish report 'environmental indicators', part Traffic and Transport


Road Pricing

Road Pricing analysis of trucks in Flanders

rear view mirror car

Internalisation of External Costs of Transport in Flanders

To what extent does the transport user internalize their external costs?

bicycle in the city


Models for Optimizing Dynamic Urban Mobility


The Cost of Non-Schengen

The direct effects of disbanding the Schengen Area on road transport


The Future of ISVAG

Exploration of future scenarios for the ISVAG waste incineration plant

low emission zone Antwerp

Feasability study extension of the low emission zone Antwerp

Feasibility study on the extension of the low emission zone in Antwerp.


MAM calculation tool

Calculation tool for vehicle kilometers emission inventory road traffic Belgium.

Reyersplein Brussel

Projection Model for Brussels Road Traffic

Update of the projection model for energy consumption and air pollution of road traffic in the Brussels-Capital Region.

LEZ Gent

Study on the extension of the low emission zone in Ghent

In this study we analyse the most appropriate way to extend the current low emission zone in Ghent to a larger area.

N8 Ieper-Veurne

Analysis of different infrastructure options for the connection between the regional cities Ieper and Veurne


Emissions of Inland Waterways

Local measures to reduce emissions of inland waterways



Modelling of transport volumes for road, rail and inland waterways for the whole world between 1990 and 2100


Development of an individual travel time prediction method

traffic lights

Management System for the Traffic Lights in Antwerp

Design and implementation of an innovative management system and control strategy.

exhaust pipe car

Low Emission Zones in Antwerp: Feasibility Study

Feasibility study for the introduction of low emission zones in the city of Antwerp.


Speed Limits on Motorways

Impact of maximum speeds on travel times, emissions and road safety


Low-Emission Zones

Introduction of low-emission zones in Flanders

car exhaust


Transport related air pollution and its impact on health

exhaust pipe car

Low-Emission Zones in Brussels

Introduction of low-emission zones in Brussels: impact on environment, mobility and socio-economic effects

airplane engines

Emission Model Aviation EMMOL

Update and improvement of the Flemish emission inventory for air traffic

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