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    Bart Ons has a PhD in psychology and in Engineering Science. He conducted his research in the Lab of Experimental Psychology and in the speech processing research group at the University of Leuven. His interest in mobility brought him to TML, where he uses his broad experience for various research projects. In the CITRUS and InterCor projects, he set up behavioural experiments to investigate the influence of in-vehicle traffic information (C-ITS) on people's driving behaviour. In these projects he investigated the use and acceptance of new technologies. His expertise in research methods contributed to the success of these projects. For the European project SEARUB he took on an expert role in which he described the influence of new technologies (ADAS, automated vehicles) on professional driver training. The behaviour of road users and the related movement patterns of vehicles play a central role in his projects. That is why he is also involved in modeling and simulations (such as the TransAID and ConACon projects). He writes code to simulate traffic safety and traffic flow in the integration of more and more automated vehicles. In 2020, he was nominated for the Flemish Road Safety Prize for his work in the ConACon project. Bart Ons has experience as a data analyst and broadens his knowledge with projects such as the Flemish Hub Monitor and the kilometer charge in Brussels. In these projects he has an active role in database development, data processing, and SQL code writing.
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Significant and innovative solutions for Safety, Security and Privacy dedicated for automated systems

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Field tests in Flanders (Belgium) with cooperative intelligent transport systems for trucks.

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In the TransAID project we investigated how traffic management can take automated vehicles into account in order to improve traffic efficiency and safety.


Design of Road Traffic Management Albania

TML is participating in the development of a traffic management system for Albania. To do this, we first look at the needs of the various parties and the financial feasibility. Finally, we work out a system architecture and organisational model in detail, including an estimate of all costs to be incurred.


Impact studies SmartMove

The Brussels Government reached an agreement on 3 December on a smart road pricing scheme. This was substantiated by TML in collaboration with the Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles. Our impact study (NL and FR) lists the effects on mobility and external costs of transport, budgetary effects and socio-economic effects.



nuMIDAS is a Horizon 2020 research project, led by TML, that will build a toolkit to help decision makers in cities tackle new mobility trends and challenges.

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EPOC 2030-2050

Research and development of energy transition models, whereby TML will focus on the relation between energy and transport.


Vilvoorde traffic and parking guidance with ANPR and PGS technology

Towards a smart digital ANPR and parking guidance system to keep car pressure low and make the city centre accessible and liveable.



Effects of driver assistance and automation on EU-policy and legislation


Evaluation C-ITS

Evaluation of C-ITS pilot projects within 3 areas: technical, impact, and user acceptance

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Context Aware Control

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Traffic Management System City of Leuven

Technical and traffic-related analysis of a traffic management system for the city of Leuven.

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