Evaluation C-ITS

From 2019 to 2023
The goal of this project is to perform an evaluation of C-ITS projects.  C-ITS stands for ‘cooperative intelligent transport systems’; systems in which information is being exchanged between roadside (or traffic information centre) and vehicle, via 4G and G5.
These evaluations will be performed within three areas: functional/technical (who sent/received the message?), impact (on congestion, emissions, …) and user acceptance (before as well as after the use of the technology involved).  Within this project, we will carry out an evaluation of the InterCor-pilot project as well as an overall evaluation of three C-ITS-pilot projects within Flanders (InterCor, C-Roads, and Citrus).  In particular, we look at services such as cautions for road works, the display of roadside information in the vehicle itself, the display within the vehicle of ‘remaining time until red and green’ at traffic lights, etc. Within this project, we also analyse the results of the TESTFEST in Antwerp, where the above-mentioned types of services on 4G and 5G and the interoperability are being tested.
Additionally in this framework, we also investigated the parking occupancies at truck parkings along the E17 motorway in the direction of France.

More information on the three C-ITS projects:
- InterCor (Interoperable Corridors) is a European project which aims to connect the C-ITS corridor initiatives of the Netherlands C-ITS Corridor, the French corridor, and the United Kingdom and Belgian C-ITS initiatives.
- C-Roads is an international partnership on a larger scale (16 countries involved) and has similar goals.
- CITRUS is a Flemish project (with European support) focusing on trucks: more information



From 2019 to 2023


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