From 2019 to 2021
The project Conacon (Context Aware Control) aims at machine, vehicle, and component manufacturers that build systems operating in variable contexts as well as the engineering software and service providers assisting them. As a result of these variable contexts, the controller performance is variable as well, and optimal performance can be attained only by varying the controller parameters accordingly. Hence, the need for context-aware control.
Within this project, TML will focus on the mobility aspects.  As such, we will assess the impact of improved vehicle control (with or without autonomous driving) on traffic flow modelling, congestion mitigation, energy usage, and driver attention, as well as its integration in a more elaborate traffic management framework.



From 2019 to 2021




Flanders Make, Siemens Industry Software, Picanol, Dana, Punch Powertrain, Ivex

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Sven Maerivoet, Bart Ons
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