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    Willem Himpe is a civil engineer with a specialisation in traffic (KU Leuven). As a student he made a master thesis in collaboration with the Transport & Mobility Laboratory at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). In September 2010 Willem started as a research assistant at L-Mob CIB. His research was funded with a personal research grant from the Flemish Government for 4 years (IWT / SBO 101684). In early 2016, Willem defended his doctoral work on integrated algorithms for dynamic traffic modelling. Willem is currently combining work at TML with part-time employment as a doctor assistant at KU Leuven. Commissioned by the Policy Department at MOW, he develops dynamic traffic models for the Antwerp region and the Flemish Border around Brussels. His work also includes the exploration of innovative data collection methods for mobility analysis, such as deriving travel patterns based on mobile data and navigation services. Since 2017, Willem has been closely involved as a system developer in the development of Telraam, an online citizen platform for collecting traffic data.
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