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From 2010 to 2011
Transport & Mobility Leuven performed a market survey upon request of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture, and Innovation, with NL EVD International as the main contractor. TML was chosen because of its expertise, experience, knowledge, and network in Belgium. The goal of the market survey was to offer Dutch companies perspectives and potentials on the mid-to-long and long-term, allowing them to do business in the Belgian mobility market as well as participating in projects.

The market survey covered different aspects with respect to mobility and ICT, through a series of interviews directed at governments, large cities, public transport providers, and private companies.

The conclusions and recommendations are that it’s best for Dutch companies to cooperate with a Belgian partner. It’s also a necessity to regularly check the Belgian and European published tenders. In addition, they should scout the market proactively, thereby making contacts with Belgian stakeholders. Finally, we also list a number of important themes for which the Dutch companies can generate an added value for Belgium.


From 2010 to 2011


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