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    Christophe Heyndrickx is a bio-engineer in agricultural and environmental economics and has a master's degree in advanced economics. During his career as a researcher at TML, he also obtained a PhD in economics in the field of transport, energy, and urban development. Christophe has experience as a project leader of several large EU projects and smaller national projects. He specialises in modeling regional and national economic policies, using general equilibrium modeling. He is involved in model development at national and European level, and is responsible for the further development of general equilibrium models by TML. He is also involved in calculating social, environmental, and transport economic indicators in the context of sustainable economic development and transport. He also has experience in adapting transport to changing climate conditions, public transport planning, the socio-economic impact of kilometre charging, and cost-benefit analyses of infrastructure projects.
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Spatial-economic-ecological model for the assessment of the Russian Federation's sustainability policies


E40 - Haspengouw

SCBA analysis connection Sint-Truiden (Haspengouw) - E40


Refinement and test of sustainability indicators and tools with regard to European Transport policies



Integrated spatial-economic model Benelux

ship canal


Effects of climate change on inland waterways and inland shipping competitiveness

MKBA Gent-Terneuzen - Indirecte effecten



Economic effects of transport interruptions due to ice winters in the Baltic Sea

logo Neujobs


Employment 2025: How multiple transitions will affect the European labour market



Tool-supported policy-development for regional adaptation strategies


Road Pricing

Road Pricing analysis of trucks in Flanders


SCBA R0-North

Social cost-benefit analysis of the northern part of the Brussels Ring Road (R0)


Impact of the Belgian Truck Kilometre Charge on the Food Industry

Estimate of direct cost increase and economic impact of the Belgian truck kilometre charge on the food industry.

rail traffic Gent-Terneuzen

Optimisation rail Gent-Terneuzen

A prognoses of the transport volumes by rail (up til 2030) in the harbours of Terneuzen and Gent, and a SCBA.

Planning study De Bieshoek

Planning study "De Bieshoek"

TML was responsible for the analysis of the mobility aspects and conducted a quick scan Social Cost-Benefit Analysis for this project.


Shifting from Labour Taxation to Road Pricing

Effects of potential scenarios for greener fiscal policy, more specifically through road pricing for passenger cars

rural road


How can we exploit the potential of sustainable and innovative mobility solutions in rural areas?


SCBA sustainability rail traffic

SCBA to make rail transport more sustainable by further electrification of the Belgian railway network or replacement of diesel traction by other sustainable modes of transport.

Munich airport - @Pixabay RitaE


The ITACA project aims to shed light on the drivers and barriers for the adoption of new technologies in ATM.


Impact studies SmartMove

The Brussels Government reached an agreement on 3 December on a smart road pricing scheme. This was substantiated by TML in collaboration with the Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles. Our impact study (NL and FR) lists the effects on mobility and external costs of transport, budgetary effects and socio-economic effects.

regional welfare


Integrated spatial-economic-ecological model development and implementation for Belgium

table rebound effects

Rebound Effects

Calculation of the indirect or second order effects of environmental policies

Port of Antwerp containers - Image of HesselVisser, Pixabay

Monitoring instrument of Flemish transport nodes

Exploratory study towards an instrument for quantitative analysis of mobility within the Flemish transport nodes

congestion personal vehicles

Road pricing personal vehicles

Road tax on passenger cars in Flanders: the long-awaited report with figures!
Our contributions are mainly in the areas of pricing, technology and enforcement, socially responsible policy and monitoring.

notice board bus station

Basic Accessibility to Flemish Urban and Regional Transport

Substantiation and funding of the core network and broader market functioning of the supplementary network.



Impact of Transport Infrastructure on the International Competitiveness of Europe


Update of Elasticities in the HERMIN Model

Identifying and aggregating elasticities for spill-over effects due to linkages and externalities in the main sectors of investment co-financed by the EU cohesion policy


Distributional impact of a regional road pricing scheme in Flanders

Opponents to road charging often voice concerns on equity. Based on an extensive study, we show that benefits and costs depend mainly on the profile of the car user and not on income, such that households with average car use generally benefit.

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