Passenger Mobility and Road Traffic Statistics

From 2014 to 2016
Currently, little or no harmonized passenger road mobility statistics are available in the European statistical system. This is a problem when trying to estimate the current mobility situation on a European level, or to identify trends and evolutions in passenger mobility. No European legal acts regulating such data collection, nor the transmission or collection of such information on a European level, are available. To a certain extent, such information is available, albeit on a national level. At the same time, some of this information is collected on a European level through the Common Questionnaire, but this works on a voluntary basis. As a result, no common methodology is accepted and different definitions are often used, severely restricting data quality, reliability and comparability across Member States.

In this project we created a set of guidelines in the format of a manual that should improve the quality, reliability and comparability of mobility data collected by Member States. The basis for this work was already presented in European projects such as OPTIMISM and COST-SHANTI, but also by some good practices that can be found on a national level.
TML updated the methodological overviews of these national practices, and drew up a number of model statistical overviews based on them.

In addition, expert technical support was provided to a limited number of Member States that are in the process of, or planning to, enhance their national statistics gathering processes.


From 2014 to 2016


European Commission, Eurostat E6


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