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    Eef Delhaye is a senior researcher at TML, specialised in transport economics. She can build on 20 years of experience as a project coordinator, project leader, and project assistant, and has a PhD in economics (KU Leuven). Her expertise mainly lies in cost-benefit analyses of (infrastructural) projects, impact analyses of (transport) policies, external costs, road safety, and the preparation of indicators and standards. In recent years she has focused more, but not exclusively, on regulated transport by carrying out projects related to rail and air traffic control. Eef stands for open and clear communication, objectivity, and creativity. She is critical, also of her own work.
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air traffic tower


COMPetition for AIR traffic management.


The Bossuit-Kortrijk Canal

Upgrade of the Bossuit-Kortrijk canal for class Va ships.

city commuters


Sustainable Urban Mobility Indicators



Coordination of research and innovation in the framework of CIVITAS 2020.

CO2 evolution

Impact analysis: shift from public means to public transport and active transport

What is the potential of a shift from public means to active & public transport?


SCBA sustainability rail traffic

SCBA to make rail transport more sustainable by further electrification of the Belgian railway network or replacement of diesel traction by other sustainable modes of transport.


Sustainable aviation fuels

Coordination of renewable fuel stakeholders' strategy in the field of aviation.

rail traffic Gent-Terneuzen

Optimisation rail Gent-Terneuzen

A prognoses of the transport volumes by rail (up til 2030) in the harbours of Terneuzen and Gent, and a SCBA.


Shifting from Labour Taxation to Road Pricing

Effects of potential scenarios for greener fiscal policy, more specifically through road pricing for passenger cars

cover picture North-South Limburg

Complex Project North-South Limburg

TML will conduct the social cost benefit analysis of various project alternatives.


Iron Rhine

Transport forecasts and SCBA as part of a possible reopening of the Iron Rhine

Munich airport - @Pixabay RitaE


The ITACA project aims to shed light on the drivers and barriers for the adoption of new technologies in ATM.



Impact of Transport Infrastructure on the International Competitiveness of Europe



Demonstration of innovative sustainable mobility measures in European cities.


Competitiveness of Short Sea Shipping

Analysis of the competitiveness of European Short Sea Shipping compared to road and rail transport

aircraft landing - pixabay


Interactive Toolset for Understanding Trade-offs in ATM Performance.

freight transport

Burden of Taxation on Transport

Case study analysis of the burden of taxation and charges on transport


Rhine-Alpine Transport Study

Quantification of the modal shift potential on the Rail Freight Corridor Rhine-Alpine.

ShopMob Data Analyses

Mobility and rush hour avoidance while shopping: analysing data sets

highway Belgium

Report on opportunities of smart/sustainable mobility in Belgium

Opportunities smart mobility at the Belgian market

scooter for handicapped adult

Transport of persons with reduced mobility

Best practices guide on the carriage of persons with reduced mobility.

freight train

Elimination of boundaries for the clustering of cargo flows by rail

Mapping of the physical and organisational boundaries of cargo flows by rail in Flanders, and analysis of a possible subsidy.

clean power

National Policy Frameworks for the Market Development of Alternative Fuels and their Infrastructure

Guidelines and assessment of national policy frameworks


External Costs of Maritime Transport

Evaluation of the consequences of the revised MARPOL Annex VI in 2015


Rail Corridor F

Study exploiting the possibility of creating a rail freight corridor linking Belgium and Poland


The Future of ISVAG

Consideration of future scenarios for the waste incineration plant ISVAG


MIRA-S 2009

Evolution of emissions of inland waterways, rail, air and maritime transport



Integrated spatial-economic model Benelux


Spatial-economic-ecological model for the assessment of the Russian Federation's sustainability policies

E40 - Haspengouw

SCBA analysis connection Sint-Truiden (Haspengouw) - E40

Environmental Impact of Transport

Measuring the environmental impact of transport in Flanders


Economic effects of transport interruptions due to ice winters in the Baltic Sea

Affordable and Profitable Taxis in Brussels

Research on the current tariff structure in Brussels


Safety-related Aspects of Tyre Use

EU-wide safety effects of tyre choice and use: the influence of weather, tread depth, Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) and consumer information

Training of Professional Drivers

Study on the effectiveness and improvement of the EU legislative framework on training of professional drivers

Second Opinion Brussels Ring

Comparison of the congestion and health effects of an enlargement of the ring versus road pricing

table rebound effects

Rebound Effects

Calculation of the indirect or second order effects of environmental policies

Speed Limitation Devices

Evaluation study on speed limitation devices for commercial vehicles

ship canal


Effects of climate change on inland waterways and inland shipping competitiveness

Training Classes CBA Rail

Training for FPS Mobility and Transport, in French and Dutch, 5 days

Cost Benefit Analysis Corridor PP22

Study on the completion of the railway link Germany - Greece

Rail Freight Market Study Corridor C (Future Corridor 2)



MIRA External Costs

Internalization of external costs in Flanders


Level Playing Field for Freight Transport in Belgium

Effects of a continuation of the rail transport subsidy on freight markets and the level playing field for freight transport in Belgium


3RX Corridor

Feasibility study on the 3RX rail corridor between Belgium and Germany

rear view mirror car

Internalisation of External Costs of Transport in Flanders

To what extent does the transport user internalize their external costs?

impact study Woluwelaan

Impact Study Woluwelaan

Microscopic traffic simulation and cost benefit analysis to support the impact study Woluwelaan

exhaust pipe car

Low-Emission Zones in Brussels

Introduction of low-emission zones in Brussels: impact on environment, mobility and socio-economic effects


Upgrading the N76 to a primary road?

Road Infrastructure Safety Management

Ex-post evaluation of Directive 2008/96/EC and ex-ante assessment of options on amendments to the Directive; Results of the ex-post evaluation; Results of the areas for further development



Accelerating change of air traffic management by regional forerunners


CO2 Regulation and Speed Limiters

The role of speed limiters in the CO2 regulation of new light commercial vehicles; result

Trucks on highway

Driving Restrictions Heavy Goods Vehicles

Driving restrictions for heavy goods vehicles in the EU.

MER-plan A102 R11

Plan-MER A102/R11bis

Elaboration of the mobility aspect within the plan-EIR for the Antwerp tangents A102/R11bis

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