Environmental Impact of Transport

From 2011 to 2012
The MITRANS is a single aggregate indicator which aims to measure the overall effect on the environment of transport (all modes) and its infrastructure. The indicator was constructed for the Flemish government – LNE within the framework of “Vlaanderen in actie: Pact 2020: een nieuw toekomstpact voor Vlaanderen 2020”.

The indicator takes into account five main effects and 11 sub indicators and is calculated for the period 2000-2009. The five main effects are: nuisance, biodiversity & habitat, impact of air pollution, climate change and use of materials. The calculation showed that the overall effect on the environment decreased over the time. This general trend follows the overall decline of the sub indicators for nuisance, impact of air pollution, climate change and the use of material between 2000 and 2009.

For more information on the construction of the indicator, explanation behind the general trend we refer to the final report (in Dutch).


From 2011 to 2012


Vlaamse overheid, Departement Leefmilieu, Natuur en Energie (Flemish Government)



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